National Association for Physical Education In Higher Education
Post Conference Board Meeting
January 6, 2001
Amelia Island, Florida
4:15 – 6:00 pm

Members present:  Charlie Ash, Judy Bischoff, Marilyn Buck, Gail Evans, Leah Fiorentino, Ron Feingold, Cathy

Buell, Sandy Gallemore, Sally Ayer, John Massengale, Beverly Mitchell, Sharon Shields, Camille O’Bryant, Robert Ruhling, Alison Wrynn, Hally B. Poindexter, Ginny Overdorf.

Guest:  Joy DeSensi – 2003 Conference Update

  1. Introduction of Board Members - List of new Board members was distributed by J. Bischoff.  Most of the committee slots are filled.  A completed list will be available at the Board meeting in Cincinnati
  2. Agenda Approved - moved approval by G. Evans, second by J. Massengale.  Approved with changes in numbering for clarity.
  3. Old Business (Carry over from Jan. 3rd Board Meeting) - 2003 Conference:  J. DeSensi provided an update on possible sites in the Long Beach area. Of the potential 8 sites, 4 were left in rank order.  Of the 4 remaining, more information was needed. 
    • Queen Mary, Long Beach
    • Westin, Long Beach
    • Holiday Inn, Bayside
    • Renaissance, Long Beach

J. DeSeni will check the above sites  for additional information and communicate with the Board via email.  Decision to occur at the March Board Meeting.

  • 2001 Conference Report – C. Ash

Complete report will be in March at Cincy.

  • Summary of Conference Income Over the Last Ten Years -  G. Evans

G. Evans provided a summary of net income from conferences over the last 10 yrs. (see attached).  Apparently place and time of year is not an issue.  Conferences should attempt to bring in about $6500.

2001 final budget will be presented at the March meeting. This is a deviation from past practice but the Board agreed this approach would present a more accurate picture.

Request from the Board that the conference report be very specific about expenses and income.

Request from G. Evans to close the books on membership on December 31st instead of November 30th. Expenses which occurred during the previous year can be submitted for reimbursement until February 1st. Board approved the recommendation.  J. Bischoff agreed to draft policy language which would be added to all operating codes.  Draft will be shared with Executive committee and brought to March Board meeting.

3.4 Foundation Committee – R. Feingold

Lecture Fund has $14,500 for support of conference lectures (i.e. special speakers, lecturers).  Requests submitted to chair of Foundations and approved by Ex. Committee.

Language be developed to bring to Board in March.

Diversity Fund.  Initially started by Chuck Corbin for supporting Gay and Lesbian Projects ($500.). Additional money has been contributed to the fund to support diversity issues of a broader focus.  R. Feingold will check with C. Corbin about supporting broader issues of diversity.  The fund is currently at $3300.  Fund needs to reach $5000. then would only expend 20% of the funds.

Have evaluation form for Executive Secretary/Treasurer which will be shared with G. Evans and then disseminated to the appropriate people.

3.5       Foundations Committee – S. Hall

No report

3.6       Composition of Board/Voting – S. Shields

Article IV, Sec.1 permits the following people to vote:  President, President-elect, Past President, Chairs of Foundations, Membership, Future Directions, Publications, and affiliates.

*Discussion ensued about what exists and what should exist for best practice of the organization.  Motion was made to revise Article IV, Sec.1 to include voting privileges for chairs of all standing committees plus the President, President-elect, Past President, and affiliates.  Was seconded and approved unanimously.

J. Bischoff will contact D. Swanson to confirm which organizations are considered affiliates.  There are 6 which are currently on the roster:  AIESEP,CUAC, ICHPER-SD, SAWPASH,WCPES,WSPECW.

3.7       Awards Committee – L. Fiorentino

L. Fiorentino will contact C. Corbin about incorporating draft language into the operating code.  Bring to March meeting.   Proposal for III. D of document from Awards Committee will be considered when revising IV, Sec. 1 of the Bylaws.

3.8       Public Relations

Operating Code revision submitted by Bob Mechikoff  will be deferred to the March meeting.  In the interim J. Bischoff will contact Anne Stewart the new chair. 

3.9       Future Sites Beyond 2003 – R. Ruhling (see Handout)

East – R. Ruhling
Central – J. Bischoff
West – C. Ash

3.10     Tabled Motions

Financial Support for OPERA.  Motion made by G. Overdorf, second by R. Feingold to remove from the table.  Passed.  NAPEHE support OPERA for $3000. Until July 31st.  Money will be used to hire someone to assist with the OPERA listings.

Publications Committee will bring to Cincy a proposal for a fee structure for charging institutions who advertise with OPERA.  Also plan to sell ads.  S. Ayer will work with R. Feingold, Foundations Committee and M. Stanbrough, Technology

Human Kinetics Contract – Website.  Remained on the Table.  J. Bischoff will contact S. Estes.  

4.0   New Business

4.1       2001 Budget Information – covered earlier

4.2       2002 Conference – C. Buell

Passes out budget proposal.  Board recommended to increase the registration fee for San Antonio: $170.  Pre-registration

$190.  On-site

Buell reminded the Board that the Future Directions Committee recommended that the registration fee be reduced.  Discussion ensued.  Motion made by G. Overdorf, second by M. Buck to increase the fee as mentioned above. Passed with one descending vote.  Should also seek support from institutions for the reception(s).

Buell has received numerous suggestions for the 2002 conference.  All suggestions will be reviewed.

Couple of suggestions were: try and get locals to provide AV equipment if hotel allows and try to do as much electronically to save postage.

4.3       Membership Committee – G. Overdorf

Contest for the 2002 Conference.  Free conference registration for person who brings in five new members.

4.4       2004 Conference – R. Ruhling

Suggestions: South of Tampa, Key West, Fort Myers, Orlanda, Ft. Lauderdale, Naples

4.5       Board Meeting in Cincinnati – J. Bischoff

Thursday, March 29th   1:30-5:00

Regal Hotel  -  Colonnade Room (B)

4.6       Lecture Selects – J. Bischoff

All three people have been contacted.  Two have accepted and one is pending.  Announcement will be made in Cincy for the 11th Hanna; 36th Homans;21st Sargent 

4.7       Doctoral Student Task Force and Young Scholar Award Task Force - L. Fiorentino

Task forces have been very successful; application forms and procedures have been well developed and in place.  Recommendation to move both task forces to within current structures of NAPEHE.

Motion made by L. Fiorentino, second by G. Overdorf to move the responsibilities for the Doctoral Student selection to the Conference Program Committee. 

Rationale: The task only occurs as part of the conference.  Posters are displayed and evaluated at the conference. Motion passed.

Motion made by L. Fiorentino, second by S. Shields to move the Young Scholar Award to the Awards Committee.  Motion passes. 

In each case, the person in charge will select three NAPEHE members to assist in the review and selection process.  Both changes will be added to the appropriate Operating Code.  L. Fiorentino will work on the appropriate language and bring to the March meeting.

4.8       Quest Operating Code

J. Bischoff will check with Shaunna McGhie about the status.  Deferred to Cincinnati 

4.9   Proposal for Change in Technology Committee

Operating Code. 

J. Bischoff will check with M. Stanbrough.  Bring to March meeting if changes. 

4.10     Rotation of Lecturer Response to Doctoral Student Lecture

For the past three years, the respondent has been the Sargent Lecturer.  Board voted unanimously to rotate the response among the three lecturers:
Sargent                       2004 Sargent
Hanna                         2005 Hanna
Homans                      2006  Homans, etc.

5.0  Other

5.1    Formalize AAHPERD Liaison – Hold for March

5.2      Request for Joining National Alliance for Nutrition and Activity – Hold for March

5.3  Approval of new editorial board members for Quest:  William Forbus,  Susan Hall, Karen DePauw, Jan Rintala

Unanimously approved.  J. Bischoff will inform John Dunn, Editor and Joy DeSensi, Associate Editor. 

Adjourned at 6:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Judith Bischoff and Robert Ruhling.