Wednesday, January 3, 2001  4 p.m.
Amelia Island, FL

Call to Order, Bob Ruhling

The meeting was called to order at 4:25 P.M.

Members present: Charlie Ash, Sally Ayers, Judith Bischoff, Marilyn Buck, Cathy Buell, Jody Davenport, Joy DeSensi, Steve Estes, Gail Evans, Ron Feingold, Mel Finkenberg, Leah Fiorentino,  Sandra Gallemore, Susan Hall, Jackie Lund, John Massengale, Bob Mechikoff, Camille O’Bryant, Virginia Overdorf, Hally Beth Poindexter, Bob Ruhling, Sharon Shields, Bill Sparks, Dick Swanson, and Alison Wrynn.

Members not present: Chuck Corbin, Karen DePauw, Shaunna McGhie, Mimi Murray, Joanne Rowe, and Emily Wughalter.

Thanks was given to Steve Estes, Webmaster, for posting the minutes and reports on the NAPEHE Website.

1.0 New and continuing members of the NAPEHE Board of Directors were introduced.  A quorum was announced.

2.0 Approval of Minutes of March 23, 2000, Jackie Lund (Written)

Ginny Overdorf moved approval of March 23, 2000 minutes from the NAPEHE Board meeting. Seconded Kathy Buell. Motion passed.

Gail Evans moved approval of January 8, 2000 minutes from the NAPEHE Board meeting. Steve Estes seconded. Motion passed.

3.0 Approval of Agenda, Bob Ruhling

The agenda prepared by President Ruhling was amended  to add:

9.05 Publishing of the NAPEHE membership list

9.06 Other

9.06.1 Future convention sites beyond 2003.  Steve Estes made a motion to approve the amended agenda.  Judy Bischoff seconded. Motion passed.

4.0 Officer’s Reports

As officers make their report, if there is a significant item it will be noted or if an action item needs to be brought forward it will be noted.  If no questions come up, the report will be accepted as written.

4.01 President’s Report, Bob Ruhling (written)

President Ruhling recognized Charlie Ash for his work in running this conference.  Susan Kovar was also thanked for the selection of this site.  President Ruhling also noted that he had visited

WCPES and SAWPASH conferences this past year.

4.02 Past-president’s Report Joy DeSensi (written)

Joy reported about site selection in the San Diego area. Those places which the Board liked the best were:

  • Queen Mary
  • Sheraton Newport Beach
  • Westin Long Beach
  • Holiday Inn Bayside
  • Renaissance Long Beach

A discussion followed and the Board will give Joy suggestions on Saturday.  During the conference, Board members will discuss dates and places with colleagues, trying to get a feel for their preferences.

Steve Estes suggested we look at returning to the Clarion in San Diego.

4.03 President-elect’s report, Judith Bischoff (written)

Dr. Bischoff’s report contains a proposal to change the by-laws on the role of the President-elect on the Future Directions Committee. 

4.04 and 6.02, Charlie Ash (written)

A welcome from the NAPEHE Vice-president is in this year’s program as well as a list of the conference committee members. Charlie recognized the conference committee of:  Sharon Shields, Camille O’Bryant, and Ginny Overdorf for their efforts.

Charlie sent 950 packets with a call for proposals to CUAC and NAPEHE members.

Sixty-two proposals were received and sent out for blind review.  Forty-four proposals were accepted, three invitations were extended for social-cultural issues.  He has had two cancellations.  In addition, Charlie communicated with Leah Fiorentino about the Young Scholar Program.

Charlie developed a chart that showed the “Conference at a Glance.”  This was included in the program.  Conference room 3 will be dedicated as a break room and have refreshments.  Kennesaw State University printed 150 copies of the program.

Charlie suggested that NAPEHE needs to look at having LCD’s available for presenters.  By bringing A.V. equipment from Kennesaw State, Charlie saved NAPEHE $2800. 

Steve Estes noted that the “Conference at a Glance” was a nice addition to the program and that overall the program looks good.       

Advertisement is in the conference program. This is a new idea. The Board will have to decide if they wish to continue doing this.


96 pre-registrations
4 on-site registrations 

Charlie will try to give a preliminary report on the finances for the conference.

There is a trend of decreasing attendance at conferences.  There are more conferences and smaller travel budgets.  We need to address this issue for planning future budgets.  Location isn’t necessarily the issue.

Issue #2 is collaborative arrangements with local universities.

Discussion followed about dates for future conferences (timing) and where the conferences should be held

4.05 Vice President-elect report, Cathy Buell (written)

The next conference will be in San Antonio, January 10-12, 2002.

Cathy reported that she has been in communication with the hotel in San Antonio. She is also in the process of getting colleagues to serve on the Conference Committee. The 2002 NAPEHE conference will be entitled:  Show Me the Money:  The Rubric of Accountability. The proposed format will be a little different. The Future Directions Committee met in September and discussed the 2002 Conference. They are planning on having a keynote speaker to address accountability to various constituencies. There will be four strands with a facilitator for each strand. There will be at least 4 sessions per strand with a summary at the end. There also will be a Research Strand with open presentations of about 15 minutes each.

Discussions will occur during breaks. 

Donna Shalala has been invited as the keynote speaker, but she has not yet confirmed.  Steve Estes noted that this would be a great keynote person.

Also, a proposed conference schedule was distributed.  Marilyn Buck noted that 6:15 was not a good time for the business meeting. 

Charlie stated that attendance at the conference is proportional to the number of people presenting.

4.06 Secretary, Jackie Lund (written)

Minutes from the Orlando meeting were posted on the web.

4.07 Executive Secretary/Treasurer report, Gail Evans (written)

There currently are 171 faculty members in NAPEHE and 244 total members that have renewed to date.

Gale has not transferred money from the diversity account.

Marilyn noted that $1342.65 in additional funds came in from last year’s conference.  The budget sheet was amended to credit the money to the Austin conference.

Gale also recommended that the Board develop a procedure for accessing and using the funds which have accumulated in the Memorial, Lecture, and Diversity Funds.  The Foundations Committee should look into this issue and make recommendations for Board approval. The money in the Social Diversity account is to support gay and lesbian youth issues.  Sharon stated that members need to be told that this money is going to gay and lesbian issues as that fact is not advertised. Hally suggested that we might want to talk about creating another type of fund to address other types of diversity. 

Gail noted that members would renew at the new rate starting in 2001. We delayed a membership/dues increase by one year. Charlie stated that 25 new members wouldn’t pay dues as they are attending the conference for the first time.

The new proposed budget was discussed. We had a deficit of $3257.78 for 2000. There is an additional $1000 in the budget as we have more conference sponsors. This year’s conference sponsors include:  Polar, Adelphi University, George Mason University, and AEISEP. The costs for publishing journals, etc. at Human Kinetics are the same. The president has $500 for special projects. Gale does not know if Judy will spend this money yet.  The money for the Future Directions Committee increased. Also, the amount budgeted for the annual conference board meeting will probably change too.

A break was taken so Board members could eat supper.

5.0 Liaison Reports

5.01 AAKPE, John Massengale (written)

Nothing new to report

5.02 AAHPERD, John Massengale (written) 

Nothing new to report.

5.03 AAHPERD Research Consortium, Emily Wughalter (written)

Highlights of the 2001 AAPEHRD National Convention were outlined.

5.04 AIESEP, Ron Feingold (written) 

Ron announced future conferences in Taiwan; Plymouth, New Hampshire; Madeira, Portugal; and Spain.

The Jose Maria Cagigal Scholar Lectures have been published.  AIESEP Adelphi 1998 Proceedings have also been published.  Both are available from Ron.

AIESEP is sponsoring a lecture here at NAPEHE.  The Foundations Committee will talk about getting institutions to sponsor past-presidents at NAPEHE.

Ron is collecting research studies or positions papers that support physical activity and physical education, youth to old age. If you have any, give the information to Ron.

5.05 CUAC, Charlie Ash (written) 

The 2001 Conference will be held in Colorado Springs July 11-15, 2001.  Contact Charlie or Jan Seaman for information.

5.06 ICHPER-SD, Mimi Murray 

No report.

5.07 National Coalition for Promoting Physical Activity, Sandy Gallemore (written) 

Sandy is forwarding reports that come electronically to NAPEHE Board members.

5.08 SAWPASH, Joanne Rowe (written) Presented by Sandy Gallemore 

SAWPASH has amended the articles of incorporation in Georgia. They have completed IRS documents. The organization is tax exempt, but contributions made to the organization are not.  They are trying to get that changed.

5.09 WCPES, John Massengale (written)

The bylaws of the organization have changed and it is now co-ed. They have elected a woman president for the first time, Carole Casten of CSU, Dominguez Hills.

5.10 WSPECW, Gail Evans (written)

Gail reported that the Western Society’s annual conference fall cruise had 70 members in attendance.  The organization got one free passage for every 10 paid.  These were awarded as “presidential scholarships.”

6.0 Presidential Appointment Reports

6.01 Archivist, Dick Swanson (written)

Dick is beginning to work with the university archivist at UNC-Greensboro to get files transferred into the university.  With Dick’s help, Bob Ruhling received all former lecture titles so that a complete listing of the Sargent Lectures could be provided on the brochure. 

6.03 Convention Booth, Cathy Buell (written) 

Cathy is collecting materials for the booth.  Also, people are needed to work in the booth, especially during the NAPEHE Board Meeting, Thursday, 1:30 to 5:00 p.m. 

6.04 Doctoral Student Task Force, Leah Fiorentino (written)

Leah noted the poster sessions at this year’s conference and encouraged people to attend this session.  She needs to get members who have doctoral students to have them present posters.  She asked for assistance in accessing doctoral students and getting them to exhibit.  John Massengale, Hally Poindexter, and Bill Forbus will review them.  Anyone having suggestions on increasing the number of students who participate is to give them to Leah.  She noted that two of the doctoral students who presented last year are back to present this year.

6.05 Necrology, Jody Davenport (written)

The following deaths were noted for the past year:

David Matthews
Catherine Allen
Thomas Krizan
Francis Koenig 

Also added to the list were Ruth Skinner and Olive Young.

6.06 Oral History, Alison Wrynn (written) 

Alison will interview Marian Brower and get the project moving this year.

6.07 Parliamentarian, Hally Poindexter

Hally has worked as a consultant for the president during the past year.

6.08 Young Scholar Award Task Force, Leah Fiorentino (written) 

Five people submitted papers. Dr. Yomee Lee from SUNY Cortland was this year’s winner. Leah has prepared a flyer for new professionals encouraging them to submit papers. This can be viewed on the Internet. Leah is open for suggestions on how to increase the scope of this program.

7.0 Committee Chair Reports

7.01 Awards, Chuck Corbin  (written)

Chuck has given suggestions for changing the operating code of the Awards Committee.  Chuck’s suggestion that the Chair of the Awards Committee become a board member would require a by-laws change.  All other suggestions deal with the conduct of the committee.  Steve Estes noted that if we eliminated section III. D., we could accept the report.  Chuck will be contacted about doing this to determine his intentions.  This matter will be discussed later.

7.02 Bylaws, Shaunna Mcghie (written)

Shaunna has identified three action items. These will be acted upon at the March Board meeting. Sally Ayres has followed Shaunna’s suggestions about having officers review codes.  Hally Poindexter noted that the By-laws Committee needs to revisit changes to the operating code relative to voting members. Many of these changes are editing changes rather than substantive ones.  Judy Bischoff added a change in “F “of

The president-elect’s operating code. This brings the operating code in line with what is actually happening.  Sue Hall motioned approval of the change. Steve Estes seconded.  Motion passed. 

7.03 Elections and Nominations, Marilyn Buck

Bob Ruhling will announce election results on Saturday as he has not yet contacted those who did not win.  Marilyn tried to send the ballot by October 1, 2000, but at that time she didn’t have a full slate of candidates.  New blood is needed on the Board so that people will be willing to run.  Marilyn needs nominations for President and Vice President next year.  Female candidates will fill these positions. 

7.04 Foundations, Ron Feingold (written)

Ron’s suggestions are to have members solicit publishers and their universities for funds.  Members also need to support projects such as the Young Scholar Award.  Lastly, a mechanism for distributing funds for the Memorial, Diversity, and Lecture Funds needs to be developed. 

7.05  Future Directions, Susan Hall (written) 

The committee presented a motion to revise the NAPEHE Mission statement to read:

The National Association for Physical Education in Higher Education is an organization for professionals in higher education.  Its purpose is to provide a forum for interdisciplinary ideas, concepts, and issues related to the role of physical education in higher education with respect for social, cultural, and personal perspectives.  Ginny Overdorf seconded the motion.

A discussion followed and the mission statement presented by the committee was accepted.

It is part of the operating code for the Foundations Committee to review the job description and budget for the Executive Secretary/Treasurer.  The motion on the Foundations Committee report to do this was withdrawn.

The committee also brought forth a motion to waive the conference fee for the vice-president and provide a room.  The person who negotiates with the conference site hotel normally negotiates a complementary room for both the President and Vice-president.  In the event that this does not occur, NAPEHE will provide lodging for these officers.

The motion to revise the operating code for the Past-president passed.

The motion to charge the Publications committee with developing a recommended timeline for converting the Chronicle of Physical Education in Higher Education to electronic format passed.

The motion to charge the Technology Committee with developing a recommended timeline for converting all NAPEHE business transactions (e.g. bylaws changes, voting, conference registration) to electronic format passed.

7.06  Membership, Ginny Overdorf (written)

For the membership contest, eight people recruited one member and one person recruited two new members.  Steve Estes will receive a free conference registration for his efforts.

A new brochure is needed to reflect the dues increase and the new mission statement.

A suggestion was given that if a person recruits five new people to attend the conference, the person should get a free conference registration.  Any suggestions for improving membership should be given to Ginny or her committee.  Congratulations were extended to Ginny for her efforts.

7.07  Public Affairs, Bob Mechikoff (written) 

If you have questions, see Bob.

7.08  Publications, Bill Sparks (written)

Bill is contacting Dick Swanson about any missing Chronicles.  Bill will see if any members have these issues.

Quest is moving away from thematic issues.  They are looking for more submissions.  The current acceptance rate is 30 to 32%

There are no action items. 

7.08.1  The Chronicle of Physical Education in Higher Education, Steve Estes (written) 

7.08.2  OPERA, Sally Ayers, Editor

Sally is requesting a graduate assistant to help her.  This cost would be about $6,000.

Gale Evans noted that originally OPERA was self-supporting.  Perhaps we can change policy to have it support itself. 

Discussion of this suggestion followed.  Bill Sparks motioned to have NAPEHE provide financial support for Sally Ayers.  Judy Bischoff seconded.  Ginny Overdorf motioned to table this until Saturday’s Board meeting.  Sandy Gallemore seconded.  Motion to table passed. 

7.09  Social Justice/Diversity, Camille O’Bryant and Sharon Shields (written) 

The May 2000 issue contained a letter about social justice and diversity and a survey.  They had no responses.  Board members were thanked for their support of the workshop to be held at the Amelia Island Conference.  The committee wants to recruit young members to this area.

The Board approved distribution and collection of the survey at the Amelia Island conference.  Gail Evans seconded.  Motion passed. Sally Ayers suggested that the survey be sent via e-mail to those who were not able to respond at the conference.

7.10  Technology, Mel Finkenberg (written)

Ginny Overdorf motioned acceptance of all reports received.  Gail Evans seconded.  Motion passed.

9.0  New Business, Bob Ruhling 

9.01 Web Site, Steve Estes (written) 

Human Kinetics has increased the amount of the web site to $400 which is down from the $750 they originally requested.  Motion to accept Human Kinetics proposal passed.

Discussion about linking Human Kinetics with the NAPEHE web site followed.  Steve will check on this.  Steve motioned to table this until Saturday’s meeting.  Ginny Overdorf seconded.  Motion passed.  Steve will contact Human Kinetics to answer questions about this.

9.02 Sports Media 

Sports Media wants to link to NAPEHE.

9.03 Conference Sponsorship

The question was raised if this should become a potential source of funding.  Ginny Overdorf suggested that the Vice-president be given discretion for accepting advertising for the convention program from appropriate sources.  Gail Evans seconded.  Motion passed.

9.04, Report Distribution by E-Mail

It is helpful to have the reports available early.  Board members were encouraged to continue to post reports electronically.

9.05 Publish NAPEHE Memberships lists

It was decided to not sell the NAPEHE membership list to companies.

9.06 Other 

For the Board’s information, the new rotation for conventions will be East, Central, West, East, Central, West.

A motion was made to approve next year’s budget.  Susan Hall seconded.  Motion passed.

Ginny Overdorf thanked Bob Ruhling for his efforts as NAPEHE President.

Sharon Shields suggested that since the Board only has 13 voting members, to bring the committees in to receive the reports and then let those people leave.  Reports could be presented in about one hour and then the Board could move on to other business.

Bob Ruhling distributed gifts of appreciation to Board members.

Ginny Overdorf made the motion to adjourn.  Judy Bischoff seconded.  Motion passed.