National Association for Physical Education in Higher Education
Post-Conference Board Meeting

January 8, 2000
Austin, TX

Members present: Charlie Ash, Judy Bischoff, Marilyn Buck, Joy DeSensi, Steve Estes, Jackie Lund, John Massengale, Shaunna McGhie, Robert Ruhling Sharon Shields, Alison Wrynn, Emily Wughalter, and Veronica Yockey.

Members absent: Sally Ayer, Cathy Buell, Chuck Corbin, Karen DePauw, Gail Evans, Ron Feingold, Mel Finkenberg, Leah Fiorentino, Sandra Gallemore, Susan Hall, Camille O’Bryant, Ginny Overdorf, Halley Beth Poindexter, and Bill Sparks.

Introduction of 2000-2001 Executive Board as of this date 

  • Ron Feingold will be the Chair of the Foundations Committee
  • Joy DeSensi will have a 3 year term on the Foundations Committee
  • Steve Estes will have a 2 year term on the Foundations Committee
  • Susan Kovar will have a 1 year term on the Foundations Committee
  • Other new board members were identified
  • Bob Ruhling will work with Leah Fiorentino to move 2 task forces under the direction of the Awards Committee

Old Business

  • Shaunna McGhie moved approval of minutes from January 5, 2000 pending existing edits. Second Virginia Yockey. Motion passed.
  • Minutes will be forwarded to Steve Estes for posting on the web

New Business

  1. Gail Evans presented 2000 Budget information at the January 5, 2000 Board Meeting
  2. 2001 Conference Briefing Charlie Ash
  • Charlie indicated that Amelia Island will be successful
  • Bob Ruhling will contact colleagues of members and board members who are not currently members inviting them to both become a member of NAPEHE and attend the 2001 Conference on Amelia Island
  • Charlie will target potential attendees from surrounding states encouraging them to attend
  • A Young Scholars Round table presentation will be offered
  • Also, a workshop on Cultural Diversity and Social Justice will be held
  • Steve Estes noted that Wednesday through Saturday is a good schedule for the conference
  • Charlie will organize sessions around 3 themes with an invited speaker addressing each theme; breakout sessions on the themes will follow
  • Give theme topic suggestions to Charlie
  • Judy Bischoff suggested sending letters of welcome for Amelia Island to people attending NAPEHE for the first time in Austin
  • Steve Estes suggested sending letters of welcome to young scholars and doctoral students who had been in Austin
  • Sharon Shields suggested that NAPEHE members volunteer to be mentors for doctoral students at the conference to develop relationships with them and encourage them to continue attending NAPEHE
  • Marilyn Buck noted that several individuals had indicated that NAPEHE is their favorite conference to attend &endash; good sessions which are of interest to young people
  • Charlie Ash suggested that next year President Ruhling should charge Board Members to greet people who they don’t know to make them feel welcomed
  • Another suggestion was to give new people responsibilities at the conference
  • Emily Wughalter suggested that new people be introduced at the opening activity and others encouraged to interact/meet them
  • Sharon Shields suggested that past presidents of the Affiliate organizations be invited to attend &endash; it is important to keep these people engaged in NAPEHE
  • Emily Wughalter asked what it meant to be an Affiliate &endash; should they get a discount on NAPEHE membership?
  • Sharon Shields suggested sending copies of The Chronicle of Physical Education in Higher Education to Affiliate members
  • Judy Bischoff suggested inviting affiliates, graduate students, young scholars, and first time attendees to preside at sessions

3.3 Site Selection Joy DeSensi

NAPEHE’s 2003 Conference will be in the Western United States. Joy has been in contact with hotel people about possible sites. The following points were noted:

  • People enjoyed San Diego and the Gas Lamp District however, AAHPERD 2002 will be close to that area and it may be too close to return to that site
  • Better prices can be negotiated by returning to the same hotel
  • It can be boring to return to the same site every 3 years
  • Several cities were suggested for 2003 Conference Site

The NAPEHE Board will meet in Orlando on Thursday, March 23, Salon 14 Clarion Hotel. It was suggested that the meeting time be changed to 2-5 p.m. Board members were encouraged to submit reports to the web to shorten the meeting

3.5 Lecturer Selections for 2001 Conference Bob Ruhling

Dudley A. Sargent John Dunn
Amy Morris Homans Beverly Mitchell
Delphine Hanna Bill Sparks


A word of appreciation was given to NAPEHE Board Members who served under Joy DeSensi. Thanks also to those who will continue in the same capacity or in other positions.

Motion to adjourn was made by Charlie Ash. Second by Shaunna McGhie. Motion passed.