Wednesday, January 5, 2000 4 p.m.

Austin, Texas

Call to Order Joy DeSensi

Members present: Charlie Ash, Judith Bischoff, Marilyn Buck, Cathy Buell, Jody Davenport, Karen DePauw, Joy DeSensi, Steve Estes, Gail Evans, Ron Feingold, Leah Fiorentino, Bill Forbus, Sandra Gallemore, Jackie Lund, John Massengale, Shaunna McGhie, Beverly Mitchell, Camille O'Bryant, Hally Beth Poindexter, Bob Ruhling, Sharon Shields, Emily Wughalter, Virginia Yockey.

Members not present: Sally Ayer, Doris Corbett, Mel Finkenberg, Bill Sparks, and Dick Swanson.

1.0 Approval of April 1999 Minutes Jackie Lund (Written)

  • Judith Bischoff moved approval of minutes. Seconded Gail Evans.
  • Motion passed.

2.0 Review Agenda and Adjust for the Meeting J. DeSensi (Written)

  • Added 6.5 Secretary's report
  • Added John Massengale's report form AAHPERD 11.2

3.0 President's Report Joy DeSensi (Written)

  • Joy has been trying to fill the committee positions. Marilyn has given time for committees to meet at the conference.
  • Glossy pictures for the lectures were not available for printing this year's lecture handouts. Couldn't be found at Greensboro, UNC Greensboro. Members of the Board noted that the pictures should be in the library. Joy will contact Dick Swanson to get the originals so that we can get these back.
  • Issue about a name change has again arisen. Joy will pursue that possibility. It will be discussed later during this meeting.
  • There are no budget implications from the president's office.
  • Joy will circulate a list of the board position so those members can update/make any changes.

4.0 Executive Secretary-Treasurer's Report G. Evans (Written)

  • Gail will transfer $325 from the checking account to the Memorial Fund and $610 from the checking account to the Lecture Fund.
  • Gail noted that the laptop has died and the desktop computer is outdated.
  • Gail has to determine a process for accessing the Memorial, Lecture, and Diversity Funds. She suggested that the Foundations Committee discuss this and submit a plan to the Board.
  • Gail has proposed a dues increase. This was approved last year at a board meeting but did not go out as a by-laws change so it has not happened. Membership needs a 30-day notification before the change can be approved. Therefore, notice will be sent to members next fall and this will take effect in 2002.
  • Bill Forbus moved approval of the 1999 budget. Steve Estes seconded. Motion passed.
  • Gail proposed moving the Diversity Fund ($2590) from the checking account into an interest bearing account. Gail suggested opening a new /fourth Oppenheimer Account.
  • Steve Estes moved to create a 4th Oppenheimer Account for the Diversity Fund. Bill Forbus seconded. Motion passed.
  • Gail estimates the computer will run approximately $1500, this is the price of a new G-4. Discussion followed. Marilyn Buck moved to appropriate $1500 for Gail to get a new CPU unit. Shaunna McGhie seconded. After discussion, motion passed.
  • The proposed 2000 budget was discussed. We currently have 217 members who have paid their dues and 204 who have not. Last year we budgeted for 380 and we ended up with more than this number. Membership typically runs between 400 and 450. Gail will adjust/correct these figures and balance the budget. Gail will send e-mail reminders for renewal for those whose addresses she has and hard copy reminders to the rest.

5.0 Officer's Reports

5.1 Past President Steve Estes (Written)

  • Steve presented a summary sheet of potential hotels for the 2002 NAPEHE Conference to be held in San Antonio. The Menger Hotel was suggested due to its proximity to the River Walk and the Alamo as well as quality of the facility and price. Steve will finalize arrangements to secure this site.

5.2 President &endash;elect Bob Ruhling (Written)

  • Bob met with the Future Directions Committee at the 2001 convention site at Amelia Island.
  • Board members were reminded of the NAPEHE Board meeting in Orlando at the Clarion Hotel, Salon 14 on Thursday, March 23 from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Board members were urged to give Bob a list of people who would make positive additions to committees. This information should be given to Bob before leaving Austin.

5.3 Vice President Marilyn Buck

  • Marilyn has spent much of her time working on the Austin conference. Sixteen new members registered for the conference. Board members were encouraged to try to welcome them to the organization.
  • The schedule for this year's conference has been altered from the past
    • The Board does not meet during sessions
    • Time and space has been provided for committees to meet
    • The Board does not meet during golf and tennis outing times
  • Board members were encouraged to give feedback to Charlie Ash about the proposed changes.
  • All committees were encouraged to meet between 1 and 2 p.m. on Thursday. Please give reports/results to Bob Ruhling.
  • Marilyn cautioned Board members to be aware of the difference in attendance between last year's conference and this year's. This will have budget implications. As of the meeting, approximately 85 people had registered.

5.4 Vice President-elect Charlie Ash (Written)

  • Charlie met with the Future Directions Committee at Amelia Island. He has information on the 2001 Conference site. This was put in packets. Dr. James Muyskins, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, University System of Georgia will be the keynote speaker.
  • Concern was expressed about the 2001 site. Members must understand that it is self-contained and not expect to see anything else unless they rent cars. It is an excellent facility, just remote. Steve Estes will create a link on NAPEHE's web page so that members can look at the site.
  • Charlie presented the 2001 conference budget. Bill Forbus moved to approve the budget. Steve Estes seconded it. Motion passed.

6.5 Secretary Jackie Lund (Written)

  • Minutes from January 9, 1999 and April 22, 1999 have been posted on the web. Since this is now being done, the practice of publishing minutes in the Chronicle of Physical Education in Higher Education is probably unnecessary.
  • Bill Forbus moved that the minutes of board meetings and reports from the Future Directions Committee no longer be published in the Chronicle of Physical Education in Higher Education. Shaunna McGhie seconded the motion. Motion passed. NAPEHE members will be informed that minutes are posted on the web and that anyone needing a hard copy of the minutes can contact the secretary.
  • Cathy Buell suggested that this new practice be announced at the business meeting on Saturday morning.

6.0 Association Affiliate Reports

6.1 AISEP Ron Feingold (Written)

  • Ron has been busy attending a variety of meetings around the world. The meeting of Berlin was in response to the elimination of physical education in several countries. The group supports having physical education continue to be included in schools. The document explaining the position is posted on the AIESEP web.
  • Several future conferences and meetings were listed
  • September 2-5 Rockhampton, Australia
  • June, 2001 Taiwan
  • August, 2001 Plymouth State University, NH
  • November 2001 Madeira, Portugal
  • June, 2002 Spain

6.2 ICHPER-SD Doris Corbett

  • No report

6.3 CUAC Charles Ash (Written)

  • Charlie reported on the Monterey, CA Conference held last June. Next year's conference will be on St.Simons Island, Georgia July 6-9, 2000. Richard Miller will chair the conference.
  • Jan Seaman is sending an AALF/AAHPERD display for the NAPEHE conference in Austin.
  • CUAC will have 2 presentation sessions at AAHPERD Orlando.
  • Richard Miller is the current chair of CUAC. Charles Ash is the chair-elect.

6.4 SAWPASH Veronica Yockey (Written)

  • SAWPASH is trying to increase membership. Veronica has brought flyers on the 2000 Conference to Austin. The conference will be October 6-9, 2000 at Wyndham Resort, Memphis, TN.
  • They have revised the operating code and are getting this implemented.
  • SAWPASH proposed publishing the Mosscrop Lecture in QUEST. This will be discussed with Karen Depauw.

6.5 WSPECW Liz Glover (Written)

  • Gail Evans presented the report. The group currently has 138 members.
  • Next year's conference will be a cruise. This has been very popular and at last report, only 3 cabins were left.

6.6 WCPES John Massengale (Written)

  • WCPES had one of its most successful conferences ever. Undergraduate students, graduate students, and physical education majors clubs were invited and given the opportunity to interact with faculty members. This practice will continue.

7.0 Appointed Position Reports

7.1 Archivist Rick Swanson

  • No report

7.2 Necrology Jody Davenport (Written)

  • Physical education professionals who have passed away during the year were: Jean Bardeen, M. Frances Dougherty, DeDe Owens, and Beverly Wadsworth. The necrology report will be given during the business meeting and these people will be remembered.

7.3 Oral History Project Jody Davenport (Written)

  • Jody is stepping down from this position. Alison Wrynn or Martha Selby are suggested as possible replacements for her

7.4 AAHPERD Convention Booth Cathy Buell (Written)

  • We will have a booth At AAHPERD in Orlando. We will need people to cover the booth during the NAPEHE board meeting on Thursday. Also, since Cathy is on the site committee in Orlando, we will need people to cover the booth. Four exhibitor passes are allotted with the booth. These generally go to NAPEHE leadership, but perhaps one could be given to someone who will take a major role in covering he booth. Affiliate members normally participate in the booth, contributing $100. They were asked if they wanted to participate again this year.
  • Let Cathy know exact furniture needs as we are billed for what we use
  • Since NAPEHE will be in the South next year, having a booth in Orlando to publicize this is good
  • Marilyn will bring the membership books so that people can check to determine if their membership is current; this will not be done electronically
  • Gail noted that we don't need to increase the line item on the budget for the booth as it was paid out of last year's budget
  • Cathy asked for ideas of what to have at the booth. Some ideas included: a drawing, having more than hard candy at opening night, etc.
  • The booth will promote the free membership for people who attend the conference for the first time
  • Steve Estes will bring several issues of the Chronicle of Physical Education in Higher Education so that people can see what we are about. We also will have the handouts from this year's lectures.
  • Check with Cathy if you can work/help out with the booth.

7.5 Site Selection 2002 Steve Estes

  • Report had already been given with the past president's report

7.6 Parliamentarian Hally Beth Poindexter

  • No report

8.0 Committee Reports

8.1 Awards Beverly Mitchell (Written)

  • The recipients of this year's awards are as follows: Distinguished Administrator Award, Judy Bischoff; Distinguished Scholar Award, Karen DePauw; Distinguished Service Award, Marlene Mawson.
  • The committee made the motion to amend the Operating Code for the Awards Committee, Distinguished Scholar Award to read:
  • The Distinguished Scholar Award shall be awarded to a person who has made a significant contribution to the physical education in higher education for 15 or more years through their scholarly pursuits within a multi-disciplinary perspective. Nominees will be judged on their contributions by fulfilling any of the follow with distinction.
  • Motion passed.
  • The Awards Committee submitted a motion to amend the Operating Code for criteria for Awards, II Procedure for Nominations to: Individuals wishing to nominate . . .provide a current vita. In addition, nominees for the Distinguished Administrator Award are asked to requires a letter of support from an individual currently working with the nominee (unless the nominee is no longer in an administrative position, in which case the letter is from someone who recently worked with the nominee) and a letter of support from an administrator at a higher level. Each year the NAPEHE Distinguished Awards shall be given . . .
  • Motion passed.

8.2 Bylaws Shaunna McGhie (Written)

  • Shaunna reported that the bylaws are now linked to the NAPEHE site. She indicated a willingness to continue serving on this committee.

8.3 Elections Leah Fiorentino (Written)

  • Leah announced that Judy Bischoff is the new president-elect and that Cathy Buell is the new vice-president elect.
  • The new chair for this committee needs to get the nominations to Gail by October 1, 2000 so that they can go out with the renewal notices. A ballot and curriculum vitae for each candidate is necessary.

8.4 Foundations John Massengale (Written)

  • John suggested that the operating code for the Foundations Committee be changed so that the chair is given a 3-year appointment and that this person is someone who is interested in serving the committee and not necessarily a past president. The other 2 committee members would be past presidents.
  • Bob Ruhling charged the committee to bring proposed changes to the NAPEHE Board next year for action.
  • The Foundations Committee was also given the task of developing procedures for handling the Diversity, Memorial, and Lecture Funds.
  • John indicated that he would like to have someone else appointed as chair of this committee.

8.5 Future Directions Bill Forbus (Written)

  • The Future Directions proposed changes to the NAPEHE Mission Statement. After much discussion, the proposed changes were not passed. The Committee was urged to continue working on this, taking ideas that had been presented, and presenting a new proposal next year.
  • Motion 2: To charge the Membership Committee and the Board to continue to explore ways to socialize young professionals into NAPEHE, to include planning program sessions specifically targeting new professionals; developing a membership drive that includes an incentive-based program; and developing strategies to increase new involvement in leadership positions.
  • Motion passed.
  • Motion 3: To charge the Membership Committee and the Board to continue to explore ways to socialize graduate students into NAPEHE.
  • Motion passed.
  • Motion 4: To improve member services by expanding the web site to include various category resource links (e.g. publisher, professional organizations, etc.)
  • A discussion followed about this motion. It was suggested that the Technology Committee be involved in deciding what links to include.
  • Motion passed.
  • Motion 5: To improve member services by expanding the web site to include online conference registration and membership (pay by credit card).
  • This idea has been discussed before and is problematic.
  • Bill Forbus moved to table the motion. Emily Wughalter seconded. Motion to table passed.
  • Motion 6: The Future Directions Committee recommends that all office and committee reports be submitted electronically prior to a scheduled board meeting.
  • Motion passed.
  • Motion 7: The site selection and negotiations should be the responsibility of the Past President and the Future Directions Committee.
  • Discussion followed. Site selection is a duty of the Past President and a committee he/she selects. The Future Directions Committee is not chosen in time to make this selection.
  • Motion was defeated.
  • Motion 8: To require a visit to the proposed conference site before it is actually selected.
  • Discussion followed.
  • Motion was defeated.
  • Ginny Overdorf was recognized and thanked for her service on this committee.

9.6 Membership K. Gill

  • No report

9.7 Publications Bill Sparks (Written)

  • Report presented a summary of the various publications for NAPEHE

9.7.1 Chronicle of Physical Education Judy Bischoff (Written)

  • Steve Estes will be the new editor. Send material to Steve for the February 15th and June 15th deadlines.
  • Chris Malone will be replacing Brett Mills as associate editor. Jimmy Ishee will replace Bob Ruhling as editor of the Research Notes.
  • It was suggested to put an "ad" in the Chronicle asking people to contribute to the NAPEHE Foundations.
  • Judy Bischoff was commended and thanked for her good work as editor.

9.7.2 Quest Karen DePauw (Written)

  • The 5 new members of the Quest Editorial Board are: Emily Wughalter, John Charles, Camille O'Bryant, Steve Silverman, and John Dunn.
  • Karen will be replaced as Editor by associate editor John Dunn in January 2001.
  • Karen noted Human Kinetics support in publishing Sharon Shields photo essay. This article was well received. Emily Wughalter and Roberta Bennett were commended for their work as editors of the issue on social justice and diversity.
  • Quest is moving toward publishing more open submissions instead of just invited articles and themes. It currently has a 30-32% acceptance rate.
  • Academy Papers are not edited by Quest or its current editor.
  • Karen noted that bylaws and an operating code for Quest need to be developed.
  • Karen also proposed publishing the Homans lectures as a book. Discussion followed and it was decided to approach Human Kinetics with this idea. Karen will also discuss the idea with the Quest Editorial Board and will come to the NAPEHE March 2000 meeting with a proposal. The Board was supportive of having these lectures published.
  • SAWPASH asked that Quest consider publishing the Mosscrop lecture. After some discussion it was decided that a policy needs to be developed as to what should be included as guaranteed publications. It was noted that the lecture could be submitted as an open publication for consideration to be published. The person doing the lecture could be given the option of submitting the lecture to Quest or to another publication of the person's choice.
  • This will be discussed at Saturday's board meeting, after the Quest Editorial Board has reviewed the idea.

9.7.3 OPERA Sally Ayer (Written)

  • OPERA has grown from posting 161 jobs between July 1998 and December 31, 1998 to 271 job announcements during the same period in 1999. Since the San Diego Conference, 508 job notices have been posted.
  • Sally has also removed positions when they are filled. Shane Frehlich at SUNY Cortland sends this information out to 600-700 people per week. It was suggested that we check to make sure there is a NAPEHE link to the web page so that people know that NAPEHE sponsors this service.

9.8 Public Affairs C. Malone

  • No report

9.9 Social Justice/Cultural Diversity Camille O'Bryant (Written)

  • Sharon and Camile are preparing a survey to help give them a sense of how NAPEHE feels about this area and to give recommendations for future projects. It was suggested that this could be done through the Chronicle to save postage or via e-mail. Marilyn Buck volunteered to do this via a program at Ball State which will send the survey electronically and then analyze data results when they come in. Hard copies of the survey will be available at the NAPEHE booth in Orlando. Sharon and Camille will come back to the board with recommendations for future plans. Both Camille and Sharon would like to continue on this committee. They also suggested adding Liz Gilbert to the committee.
  • A motion was presented to increase the size of the committee to 4. Motion passed.

9.10 Technology Mel Finkenberg

  • No report

10 Task Force Reports

10.1 Doctoral Student Recruitment Leah Fiorentino (Written)

  • Doctoral students for this conference submitted five posters, but only 3 students will be attending. Contact Leah if you are interested in helping judge the posters.
  • The Task Force on Doctoral Students was originally supposed to end last year. Gail Evans moved to have the Doctoral Student Task Force continue. Shaunna McGhie seconded. Motion passed.

10.2 National Coalition for Promoting Physical Activity Sandra Gallemore (Written)

  • Sandy Gallemore has maintained contact with NCPPA. We have an opportunity to become a full member (cost: $1000 per year) with NCPPA. Sandy informed them that we will continue as an affiliate member which does not require a fee to be paid.

10.3 Young Scholar Award Task Force Report Leah Fiorentino (Written)

  • Five young scholars submitted their research. JeongAe You was the winner. This session will be presented at 3:30 p.m. on Friday as a concurrent session.
  • Leah recommended that the task force be continued for at least one more year. After that time it may be given to either the Awards Committee or the Membership Committee.

11 Liaison Reports

11.1 AAKPE John Massengale (Written)

  • There has been no activity with this liaison this year.

11.2 AAHPERD John Massengale (Written)

  • There has bee no activity with this liaison this year.

11.3 Research Consortium Emily Wughalter

  • On Tuesday of the AAHPERD Orlando Conference there will be three 2-hour sessions. Also at the Orlando conference there will be 32Free communication papers and symposiums and 7 poster sessions. The Research Consortium sponsors the R. Tait McKenzie Lecture, the McCloy Breakfast lecture, the Weiss Lecture, plus two other Research Consortium sessions.

Bill Forbus moved to accept all reports. Steve Estes seconded. Motion passed.

12 Old Business

12.1 Steve Estes made the following motion: NAPEHE Conferences will rotate regionally using the following pattern beginning in 2001: East (2001), Central (2002), West (2003), East (2004), Central (2005), West (2006) for the foreseeable future.

  • Shaunna McGhie seconded. Motion passed.
  • Marilyn noted that we may want to consider going with one corporation when selecting future hotel sites. John Massengale told the Board that the disadvantage of doing this is that we may not get our hotel of choice for the city we select.
  • After discussion, the Board noted that we may want to consider going back to hotels that we liked when doing site selection. We can get better rates if we would consider following this practice.

12.2 Sharon Shields moved that we continue the policy of giving free memberships to people attending our conference for the first time. Shaunna McGhie seconded. Motion passed.

13 New Business

  • Gail Evans presented the 2000 budget. Last year we projected 300 members. This year we have projected 380 members.
  • Marilyn also reminded the group that the income from the Austin Conference will be less than last year's profit.
  • Gail noted that she did not have the new rate that Human Kinetics will charge for printing Quest. Also, there should have been $250 added under the doctoral student award expenses.
  • In general, we are in better shape this year than last year. Membership income has increased $5,000 from last year.
  • Gail will adjust the budget and give us the final version at the March meeting.
  • Bill Forbus motioned to approve the 2000 budget. Shauna McGhie seconded. Motion passed.

14 Announcements

  • Marilyn told the NAPEHE Board that she had parking vouchers if they needed them.
  • Professional directory sheets should be returned to Marilyn. There is some concern about the categories &endash; some aren't a good match with what people are doing. We may want to change these. This sheet makes it easier to do searches for research.
  • Joy DeSensi expressed her gratitude for the hard work completed by all board members and especially to those who will be going off the board.

15 Adjournment

  • Bill Forbus motioned to adjourn. Shaunna McGhie seconded. Motion passed.