Progress Report

Report #6.06

Name of Office/Committee: Membership
Person Submitting Report: Gloria Napper-Owen

Progress Report/Tasks Completed

  1. Recommend to the Board that dues be increased for regular members to 90.00 and for Academy members to 40.00.
  2. RR Apache was charged with the task of communicating with Marilyn Buck on the non-renewing member survey. At his initial communication with Marilyn he related that NAKPEHE did not have an old survey, and that we would need to develop a new survey. Communication with Jackie Lund and Ginny Overdorf after RR's communication led me to believe that we do have an old survey. I relayed that information to RR, and I have not heard back from him on progress on this task.
  3. I called Richard Whelan at Marketing General Inc to talk about their Venture Program, which helps associations increase membership. MGI fronts the money to the association to begin their marketing and promotion campaign. As new members come into the association, MGI is repaid the money they paid out. The association typically does not see incoming money during the first year, as MGI is paid back. 
  4. Two members of the committee have resigned since their January appointments.
  5. I talked with Scott at the National Strength and Conditioning Association in regards to his request to use our mailing list to send out information about certification programs. I am seeking a Board decision on this request.
  6. Membership committee is raffling off a free 'new' membership at the Exhibit display during the AAHPERD convention. 'Tools' needed to do this at the booth are making progress to Chicago. Two membership committee members are able to spend some time at the exhibits booth.

Suggestions for Future Plans Related to this Office/Committee

  1. I recently received the names of first timers to the January conference. I will send them letters and encourage them to become active in NAKPEHE,
  2. Continue to gather data on programs and administrative contacts within the 50 states to include in the Leadership Directory.

Action Required by Board

  1. The National Strength and Conditioning Association would like to use our mailing list to send members information on their certification programs. I recommend that the Board make a decision on this request.
  2. Discuss the proposal by MGI to take on Membership Development in order to make progress on this directive of the Board. Volunteer committee members have a difficult time fulfilling all responsibilities on this charge.

Budget Implications
None at this time. But, the cost of a new membership will be incurred as a result of the Exhibit raffle, and postage will be incurred for the first timer letters.