NAKPEHE Committee Report

Membership Committee

Report 7.06

Gloria Napper-Owen, Co-chair



1. In October the Membership Committee floated some ideas for email discussion on incentives to increase the membership of the Association. One topic to be discussed under New Business at the January 5th Board Meeting is to provide a ≥second≤ year of free membership when a first year member renews membership for the second year. As this has budgetary implications, the Board will discuss this issue.


2. Recruiting Efforts that have been conducted since the Board Meeting at the AAHPERD convention:


  • Email distribution lists were created and a membership letter and convention information was sent to the following:
    • Dept. Chairs within the states of: New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, California, Texas
    • Former members who did not renew their membership in 2004
      • 141 email addresses were available for a distribution list, 12 came back as undeliverable
    • Colleagues of mine within the SWD of AAHPERD in the states of AZ, NV, UT, NM, and CA

3.A database of K & PE programs throughout the country is being established. The database includes information on University name, dept name, dept chair and an email address of the dept chair. The following states are within the database: Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, New Jersey, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, California, Texas, Kansas


4. The new NAKPEHE brochure designed by Bill Forbes and his wife may be used to promote membership in the Association when the display is taken to conferences.