Progress Report
December 14, 2005

Report #:6.06

Name of Office/Committee: Membership

Person Submitting Report: Gloria Napper-Owen

Progress Report/Tasks Completed:

RR Apache worked with Steve Estes to develop three online surveys

  • People who have not attended a conference in the past three years
  • People who did not attend the Tucson Conference
  • People not presently a member in NAKPEHE

Gloria Napper-Owen sent out 132 email letters to those people who had not renewed their membership and asked them to complete survey #3. Twenty email addresses were returned as "not delieverable". Two retirees emailed back saying that they were no longer interested in professional membership. As of 12/14/05, nine respondents had logged into the survey to provide information.

Letters were sent to all people who signed in at the NAKPEHE booth in Chicago with information about the January 2006 conference, call for proposals, and a membership brochure.

2006 Conference information was sent to all department chairs in the Southwest District, and they were encouraged to pass the information on to faculty within their departments.

Information from Kelle Murphy regarding Oklahoma institutions of higher education with K and PE programs was forwarded to Steve Estes to include in a leadership directory.

Suggestions for Future Plans Related to this Office/Committee

A suggestion was given by Jackie Lund that authors who contribute to Quest and the Chronicle be tracked to determine if they are members. This would require collaboration between the editors, the executive secretary, and the membership committee.

Look at suggestions (listed below) provided within the online survey to determine what can be done to enhance the image of the Association.

Action Required by Board:
Discuss some of the responses received through the online survey regarding non-renewal of membership. What is the future direction of the Association with some many other associations competing for membership dollars?

1. Reasons for not maintaining a membership in NAKPEHE

Our institution no longer supports teacher preparation. NAKPEHE seems focused on that aspect of our profession, and did not offer me anything professionally in areas that I have an interest. I find more meaningful confernces overseas (Play-the-Game, international sport philosophy meetings, etc.) These meetings cost about the same as yours.
The conference is one of MANY for professional development. I need to make decisions as to where the time and money are spent.

I'm retired and most of my interests have moved in other directions. Competition with other conferences for time and expenses. Combine membership and conference with AAHPERD? It could be the higher ed. piece that AAHPERD is sometimes missing. Usually attend NASSM and AAHPERD each year.

2. What can NAKPEHE do to increase awareness of its "New Age" mission?

As an example, I just hosted the second International Conference on Sport and Religion with scholars from all over the country as well as international scholars. I doubt that NAKPEHE has much interest in discussing the ramafications of this topic, as well as the implications that it has for moral development of athletes. I suspect you are more interested in issues of teacher preparation.

I'm not sure. It is my impression that your mission is to address issues for programs that develop teachers.
Continue to make it's presence visible at other national meetings; become more active with national and federal agencies; continue its good work.
No suggestions...
Quest article describing it. JOPERD article???

Budget Implications: