NAKPEHE Future Directions Committee Minutes
May 7, 2004
US. Grant Hotel
San Diego, California

Began at 4:25.  Present:  Steve Estes (Chair), Susan Kovar (2nd year FDC), Jan Rintala (First Year FDC), Ginny Overdorf (President Elect), Camille O'Bryant (V.P. Elect) 

Minutes from the last FDC meeting were approved and were to be used for reference for this meeting.

Agenda was distributed by email.  Amendments to the agenda included:  breakfast on Saturday and tour begin at 8:00 AM. 

Steve read the charge of the committee and it was discussed and endorsed.

Began discussion on FDC charge;  state of higher education and Kinesiology/Physical Education.

  • Point made that non-research oriented faculty are more friendly toward NAKPEHEπs service mission.
  • Might be good to compare the membership lists of the Academy with NAKPEHEπs membership list; then compare from 5 and 10 years ago.  Are we getting the same ≥leaders≤ in NAKPEHE?
  • The Academy is doing a lot of NAKPEHEπs issues.  Their issue of Quest is really fun to read.
  • Remember that Franklin Henry delivered the Academic Discipline paper at NAPEHE, and then published it in JOHPERD. The point is that NAPEHE was more central to the profession in the past than it is now.
  • Can we target faculty? Specifically, those who are now tenured?
  • Jan suggested we target recently tenured faculty.
  • Susan suggested that if we are to be an organization of leaders then we need to target chairs.
  • It was pointed out that if a chair brings a young ≥leader,≤ then we have a sort of team of the young leader and the current leader.
  • We need to plan for the present, so we need to get people who are leaders right now.

Question: What's up with CUAC?  It was noted that CUAC has a large membership list, but its attendance at its national conference is down as well.

  • Discussion:  NAKPEHE would be well served to combine/collaborate with CUAC.  This discussion has been held in NAKPEHE, and there seems to be some consensus that working with CUAC is a good idea.

Discussion and suggestion:  Make permanent again the Administratorπs Pre-conference.

  • But do not make NAKPEHE an administrator organization.
  • Instead focus on leadership, which will include/emphasize chairs and deans as well as any faculty who is interested in leading the profession.
  • Chair, grad directors, degree directors, deans, anyone with leadership aspirations.

If we begin to focus on administrators, then we may want to revisit the timing of the conference.  Often administrators have a hard time getting away at the beginning of the Spring semester.

Began to discuss the name change, and what it means about the organization to whom it is attractive.

  • Steve pointed out that NAKPEHE members are progressive. 
  • Members are interested in the culture of higher education and Kinesiology/PE's place in that culture.

It was agreed that the name change was more about not limiting the organization, not so much about who we are. 

It would be nice if we could get leaders from other subdisciplines to come, but they wonπt unless they see the leadership connection.

We will not get people to come from the subdisciplines if we try to duplicate their sub-area.  But we may get people who are interested in interdisciplinary issues.  That is what Quest is about.

So NAKPEHE should be making itself attractive to the Quest crowd.

We need to make ourselves attractive to those people who look across the disciplines in their departments.  This will include all of the subdisciplines.  

We (FDC members and current NAKPEHE Board) donπt want to preside over the dissolution of NAKPEHE.  Our niche may be to bring some subdiscipline faculty back to NAKPEHE by emphasizing our leadership role in professional preparation in the many 
PE professions (athletic training, exercise science, sport management, pedagogy, etc.). All of the things that we discuss in NAKPEHE are of interest to leaders in the field.  Our departments are about the preparation of professionals.  Leaders need to know all about the business of preparing professionals.  And the things that affect our ability to prepare these professionals. 

So we are preparing professionals no matter the subdiscipline.  What will be of interest to leaders? 

What does it take to effectively prepare professionals.

  • In an environment of budget cuts
  • Promoting diversity
  • Maintaining research

Went through a list of past conference themes (10 years worth) and it was interesting to see how NAKPEHEπs themes are consistently broad, interdisciplinary, and accomplish the mission of the organization.  The question is:  have we articulated our mission effectively to our own membership and new potential members?

The Committee adjourned for dinner, and continued the discussion at dinner.

Saturday AM

  • Met with Barbara Ainsworth to discuss the 2006 conference.  The idea of leadership seemed attractive.
  • Discussion ensued:  Not much is known about NAKPEHE, so why would someone come to a NAKPEHE conference?  Travel is time and money consuming; in an environment of scarce resources faculty must choose carefully.  NAKPEHE must compete in that environment.
  • May want to direct market to AAHPERD people who may want to come to NAKPEHE.
  • A good idea to focus on what a department chair needs to know.
  • Emphasized:  people don't know who we are in NAKPEHE 

Suggestion made to transition into a co-conference with CUAC. 

  • Suggested that Camille turn the pre-conference over to CUAC, and it would be a CUAC conference.  They would call it their conference.  CUAC members would be able to attend the NAKPEHE conference with no extra charge.
  • Who we market the conference to needs to change. 
  • We should work through Jan Harris, who heads up the Kinesiology chairs in the CSU, to recruit conferees and pre-conference attendance. 


Began with discussion of the conference.  Something along the lines of ≥ Connections and Collaborations≤ was agreed upon.  Ideas discussed included:

  • Speakers:  A panel of leaders in the field to talk about connections was agreed upon.  Leaders from which areas?  Camille was given a list to work with, representative of the organization and of other organizations with which we would like to work. Camille will work to find panel speakers from our subdiscipline organizations as well as other organizations such as AAKPE and CUAC
  • Poster sessions were encouraged.
  • Timing of sessions:
  • Young Scholar:  Jan pointed out that the Y.S. session was not a stand-alone session because we would have lost 15 presentations.
  • Committee meetings:  Agreed to move committee meetings to later on Thursday or to Friday (as previous FDC suggested)..
  • Also no presider was scheduled for individual sessions in 2004.  Saved time. 
  • Conference proceedings should be published.


Strategic Action Plan:

  • Develop an identity for NAKPEHE as a leadership organization; also emphasize 
    leadership in professional preparation
  • Market this identity.  Examine again the brochure, the distribution list discussed below, establishing a distribution list of leaders.
  • We will target chairs, deans, directors, graduate coordinators, and senior faculty as members because these are normally the individuals who deal with the broader issues and perspectives in the field;
  • We should not limit NAKPEHE to these individuals in the membership.  All faculty and administrators are welcome.
  • Develop specific action plan to identify these groups.  Suggest that we use technology to do this.  Steve agreed to have a grad assistant develop this distribution list, and to work with the webmaster, the Technology Committee, and the Membership Committee on this project. 
  • Identify a NAKPEHE member in each state to do the contact work.  Master spread sheet will be developed.  Include community colleges, small privates, urban colleges, etc.  Then share that with the membership committee.  The membership committee will be charged with contacting these leaders and get them active in the organization.
  • Example:  Barbara Ainsworthπs visit with the FDC will be used to contact the CSU kinesiology chairs.  These leaders will be targeted for both membership and conference attendance.
  • In the long term this is something that the association needs to incorporate into its normal course of business.  Perhaps this will be the executive director/secretary.  We said this last year at Tucson FDC meeting.  Could be an Operating Code change: maintained by the Executive Secretary and that person will be provided the appropriate support from NAKPEHE.
  • Aggressively seek a conference relationship with CUAC.  Ginny will be in charge of following up on this task.  We suggest that CUAC co-sponsor the conference.  CUAC would plan the content of the sessions.
  • Formalize the administrative pre-conference at the NAKPEHE conference.  Consider an Operating Code change for the Vice President;  this may not be a good idea, though, and needs further consideration.
  • Amend the Operating Code of the FDC to state that the minutes of the FDC be sent to the current President and Vice President of NAKPEHE.  Steve will do so with these minutes.
  • Formalize a structure within the organization such that officers may request a grant to fund a GA for a specific purpose that furthers our efforts to move 
    forward as an organization.
  • Formalize a structure for the FDC to visit with faculty/administrators in 
    the local area when meeting at the conference site.

Question:  can we identify answers as to why people are not members of NAKPEHE?  This is really a membership committee issue, but we keep coming back to getting membership to follow up on this type of a question.

  • Could the membership committee do something with the distribution list we will generate?
  • Generate a survey?
  • Perhaps we could work with our own membership to distribute a survey for us.
  • We raised the question about how big we want to get.  The benefit of a smaller organization was the intimacy.  Perhaps 500 members is a good number.  The Committee noted that if the conference is bigger then we may be limited in the hotel we use for the conference.
  • Clearwater can't handle a conference much bigger than 150 at the meal functions.
  • The reason we would like to be bigger is that it would mean that NAKPEHE would be having an impact on the profession.

The committee adjourned on Saturday afternoon. 

Colleagues, it has been my pleasure to serve on this committee.