Future Directions Committee
Meeting on May 20-22, 2005
Clearwater Beach, Florida
Marriott Resort on Sand Key

Committee members present: Mel Finkenberg (president elect), Jimmy Ishee (vice president elect), Susan Kovar (chair), Mike Metzler, and Jan Rintala.

Discussion with Florida Professionals (not current members of NAKPEHE)
Drs. Mike Stewart and Nell Faucette from the University of South Florida in Tampa were scheduled to meet with the committee. Dr. Stewart did meet with the committee for an extended conversation. His main points were:
o Since he serves as Associate Dean of the College, the timing of the NAKPEHE conference does not allow him to attend. He would prefer the conference to be held each fall.
o He believed the organization provided thoughtful discussion of issues in the field, but he could not see any changes that resulted from that discussion.
o He did not see NAKPEHE as being a player in any of the high stakes political issues in our field (e.g., K-12 No Child Left Behind).
o Since NAKPEHE was not political player, it was not influencing the field.
o He mentioned the continued tension in our field between viewing ourselves as a discipline or a profession.
Dr. Stewart's comments served as the backdrop for the committee's later discussion on how to make NAKPEHE an organization of choice for those in our field.

Approve Minutes of FDC Meeting of May 7, 2004
Minutes of the May 7, 2004 meeting were approved as distributed.

Review FDC Operating Code 
1) The committee reviewed the FDC operating code as it was approved at the NAKPEHE Board meeting in Chicago (April, 2005). The code is accurate; however, the committee recommends the following additions in section IV (Conduct of Business):
o Add statement D - "FDC minutes are prepared within two weeks following each committee meeting and distributed to the President and Vice President. If specific recommendations are made for any NAKPEHE standing committees, then minutes are also distributed to those committee chairs".
o Add statement E - "Abbreviated FDC minutes are prepared and included in the September issue of the Chronicle of Higher Education in Physical Education." 
2) The committee confirmed that Purpose B in the operating code was very important ("to recommend projects, monographs, position papers, and conference themes"). We agreed that to have impact on the field, NAKPEHE must be producing written documents on topics of concern in today's society (e.g., addressing the practice of young girls using steroids from the sociological, biological and philosophical perspectives). We recommend the following actions:
o At each spring meeting of the FDC, the committee determines a topic for a monograph or position paper. The committee specifies who on the FDC will coordinate with the Public Affairs committee to get the monograph or paper completed as it is this committee's purpose to move monographs and positions papers forward to their completion.
o These papers should be placed on our website so both members and nonmembers have access (to increase our visibility and our impact on the field).
o If a particular paper ought to be published in paper form, contact Human Kinetics for possible funding. Or these documents could become supplements to the Chronicle of Higher Education in Physical Education.
o Mike Metzler agreed to move us forward immediately in this area by producing a monograph (electronic) on assessment/accreditation. He will identify possible members of an ad hoc committee to edit and review the manuscript. He will coordinate with the Public Affairs committee as needed. The President will officially form the ad hoc committee and appoint the members to serve. Mel Finkenberg will investigate any issues relative to getting the monograph on our website.

General Discussion and Finalization of the Agenda
1) No additions were made to the meeting agenda.
2) General discussion on marketing NAKPEHE and impacting our field:
o Recommendation: That NAKPEHE's website connection to the Ball State Directory Project be disconnected because it contains inaccurate information.
o Question: Where is the Technology committee in constructing a directory of deans, directors and chairs of kinesiology and PE departments and colleges in the U.S.? NAKPEHE needs this directory in order to market ourselves. We believe Steve Estes (as a member of the Technology committee) has begun this project. We suggest that the committee try to work with state HPERD associations to develop a comprehensive list of state institutions and their current department chairs or college deans. State associations' presidents should be able to quickly give us that information - might even be on the state association's website.
o Question: Does the Public Affairs committee have an up-to-date experts list for the purpose of quickly identifying someone to react to issues in our field? If not, the Public Affairs committee should develop such a list and place it on the website. We believe the previous project got derailed (and thus not completed) on what "terms" to use to code the content areas of knowledge in which our members have expertise.
o Update: Mel Finkenberg is currently serving as our interim website director. Send website issues and information to him.
o Recommendation: Post conference proceedings on our website so members and nonmembers have access.

1) Conference Theme
o Jimmy Ishee presented three well-developed proposals as ideas for the conference theme in 2007. They were: 1) Leadership: Preparation and Practice, 2) Assessing Our Value, and 3) Meeting Society's Needs
The committee members spent several blocks of time discussing these possible themes.
o The theme approved for 2007 conference in Clearwater Beach was a combination of the ideas outlined by Dr. Ishee. The theme is: "future directions: leadership, scholarship, and society's needs". The exact conference title may be tweaked (via e-mail discussion) after committee members return to their campuses.
o Upon our return home, FDC members should send ideas to Jimmy on text to help describe the conference theme. 
2) Conference Format
o We support the continued practice of having an administrator's pre-conference. The guidelines for implementing the pre-conference are in the vice president's operating code.
o Timing of committee meetings - Should occur as late in the afternoon on Thursday as possible (then the president, when selecting committee members, indicates the timing of that meeting so members plan airfare times accordingly).
o Timing of the business meeting - Consider doing Sargent lecture w/ luncheon, unless cost considerations prohibit it. 
o Consider doing awards at Homans' lecture so more people are in attendance.
o Since the vice president has the freedom to plan the conference structure, the conference structure needs to be outlined the at January conference before that conference so committee members know when to arrive or leave the conference.
3) Miscellaneous Conference Items
o Recommendation: Have a town hall meeting as part of the business meeting (at the 2006 conference in San Diego) to introduce our leadership emphasis (with expanded mission statement) and to listen to concerns and issues of the membership on this expanded mission.
o We encourage Jimmy Ishee to begin the practice of producing electronic conference proceedings and posting the proceedings on our website so members and nonmembers have access.
o Suggested keynote speakers for 2007 conference were: Judy Young, George Sage, Larry Locke. Committee members should submit additional names to Dr. Ishee after this meeting.

New Name Implications
1) Organizational Appropriateness (given new association name) - The committee believed the current organizational structure is still appropriate.
2) Mission statement revision -
o Appeal to professional preparation faculty in all areas of our field (not just teacher prep). How to shape mission to do this without getting into the discussion of profession vs. discipline?
o Emphasize the higher education in our name - not kinesiology vs. physical education.
o Grow leadership out of the context of higher education (for scholarship, policy, meeting society's needs, etc.) - this is our uniqueness!
o Mission statement expanded -- "NAKPEHE is an organization for professionals in higher education. Its purpose is to foster leadership in the areas of scholarship, administration, policy, preparation for the professions, and meeting society's needs. This mission is facilitated through interdisciplinary ideas, concepts, and initiatives related to the role for kinesiology and physical education in higher education while respecting diverse social, cultural and personal perspectives." 
o Ask the President to run this expanded mission statement through the executive committee via e-mail ASAP (for approval). Then place a piece in the September issue of the Chronicle (deadline for that issue is June 15 in writing to Allison Wrynn). 
o Ask the President to address this expanded mission in her address to the membership at the 2006 conference in San Diego.

Operational Effectiveness/Efficiency
a) What constitutes a quorum - Robert's Rules of Order on page 216 indicate, "the quorum consistent of those who attend the meeting, provided that it is either a stated meeting or one that has been properly called". Recommendation - Bylaws committee should review what quorum language currently exists in the NAKPEHE Bylaws and operating codes. If needed, suggest changes to the Board of Directors.
b) Should NAKPEHE have institutional membership - Does not seems economically feasible right now - same decision as made by FDC previously on this issue.
c) Suggestion to recognizing the duties of the three presidents - The committee saw no need to reorganize these duties. However, we recommend that the recently approved operating codes for all officers and committees be reviewed again as it appears that errors are still present in these codes.
d) How to stimulate committees to do their work? Suggest dividing the committees among the three FDC permanent members and have those members keep track of committee progress. FDC agreed to do this. FDC contact person to the committee would be sure the committee chair is informed of any recommendation from the FDC that pertain to their committee. In addition, the FDC contact person could request quarterly reports from the committee chairs and or establish a thread of discussion (on the web) with the assigned committees. If the President approves this action, then FDC members can contact their respective committee chairs:
-- (Mike) Publications, elections, memberships 
-- (Susan) Awards, foundations, social justice 
-- (Jan) Bylaws, technology, public affairs

Strategic Planning
a) Recommendation: Complete strategic planning after NAKPEHE approves expanded mission statement.
b) Recommendation: Establish an ad hoc strategic planning committee to see the total development of the plan through from beginning to end - FDC membership changes each year and getting new members up to speed is difficult - need a consistent committee.
c) Have ad hoc committee complete their work in San Diego. - begin on-line immediately - chair will do that.
d) Possible committee members:
Bill Sparks, Judy Bischoff, Beverly Mitchell, Mike Metzler and Jan Rintala - Jan agreed to be the convener of the group.

That's all folks!!!
Note taker - Susan Kovar