Progress Report

Report #:  7.04

Name of Office/Committee:  FOUNDATIONS COMMITTEE

Person submitting report: Judith Bischoff

Progress Report/Tasks Completed:  

1. Completed Evaluation of Executive Secretary/Treasurer (ES/T)

a. Updated job description of ES/T

b. Drafted guidelines for spending of endowed funds

c. Sent letters to sponsors and members soliciting financial support for endowed funds 

Suggestions for Future Plans Related to this Office/Committee:

Set up an evaluation form of the ES/T using the new job description. This would be used by the

Foundations Committee to evaluate the ES/T. Continue to receive a self-evaluation from the ES/T of

her job performance.


Action Required by Board:  

  1. Receive evaluation of ES/T
  2. Approve updated job description of ES/T
  3. Approve guidelines for spending of Endowed Funds 

Budget Implications:  None