Progress Report

Date December 29, 2004

                                                                                                                               Report #:___4.07

Name of Office/Committee: Executive Secretary Treasurer____________ 

Person Submitting Report:             _Jackie Lund_________________


                                                                     2003                 2004                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Faculty                                                                                                     134                                                                                                                 113

Academy members                                           19                    15

Emeritus 1 (pay no dues)                                   9                    11

Emeritus 2 (taking Chronicle only)                    5                     6

Emeritus 3 (taking Quest and Chronicle)          10                     8

Graduate students                                             13                     8

International faculty                                           6                     3

Emeritus H                                                                                 4

Total                                                               196                  168     


The following members have not renewed from 2003


127 Faculty

    7 International Faculty

  21 Graduate Students 

    5 Emeritus 1 (pay no dues and receive no publications)

    2 Emeritus 2 (taking Chronicle only)

    4 Emeritus 3 (taking Chronicle and Quest)

    8 Academy




  • Bank of America Checking (11/30/04)                                                                 $15,390.93                                                                                                        
  • Bank of America Savings (11/30/04)                                                                      $1,880.51
  • Oppenheimer General Fund (9/30/04) Includes $3,935 from Diversity fund      $19,615.70
  • Oppenheimer Lecture Fund (9/30/04)                                                                  $16,996.71
  • Oppenheimer Memorial Fund (9/30/04)                                                              $16,879.29



  • Salary                          $4,800.00
  • Student assistant            $309.49
  • Office supplies              $823.42
  • IRS Renewal                  $110.00       


Actions by the Executive Secretary/Treasurer for the year:


  • Filed necessary forms for IRS
  • Filed necessary forms for renewal of the incorporation documents
  • Had new stationary and envelopes printed
  • Sent reminder notices in March to members that had not renewed
  • Changed the name on the checking, savings, and Oppenheimer accounts to reflect our name change
  • Paid receipts promptly
  • Processed membership renewals, new memberships, and OPERA checks
  • Responded to correspondence from officers, members, and non-members
  • Set up PayPal account for NAKPEHE


Comments on budget


  1. At this point the budget looks very solid:
    1. Jan Rintala’s hard efforts and cost cutting measures generated $6,812.24 from the 2004 convention.
    2. OPERA generated over $10,000 for the organization last year.
    3. John Dunn was able to assemble Quest without a cost to NAPEHE which represents a savings of $5,000.
    4. Last year I was able to transfer $6,000 from savings into the General Oppenheimer account.  Two years ago, Gail was forced to transfer $18,000 from that account into the budget to use for operating expenses.  I will transfer additional money to the General account this year.
    5. I will transfer $285 to the Memorial Fund account, $325 into the Lecture Fund account, and $300 into the Diversity Fund account which represents the contributions for 2004.  This is down slightly from last year.  I think it is time to open a separate account for the Diversity fund which is now in excess of $4000.  When we were drawing money from the General Oppenheimer Account, I’m sure Gail was using that money as a cushion.  The fund is now large enough to warrant its own account.
    6. Again, I went over budget for supplies.  This is a function of two things.  First, I did a convention mailing for Bill Forbes and had not put money in an account to pay for this.  Second, the name change required the printing of new stationary and envelopes.
    7. The name change also triggered a new (and very attractive I might add) Website and although the Website has not cost us anything in recent years, I feel that the new site will be an attraction for new members.
    8. I have several new memberships from administrators.  I feel that this is a direct result of having an administrative pre-conference.  I’m hoping that these administrators see the value of belonging to NAKPEHE and encourage other faculty members and graduate students to get involved.
    9. The conversations with HK were worthwhile.  I have had some new members join because of the availability for Quest online.


  1. Concerns
    1. I have not received a bill from Joy DeSensi for publication of Quest.  I’m not sure if this means that she was able to cover costs through her university budget or if we are going to get a bill for this. 
    2. I still have an outstanding bill for printing membership brochures.  We did not spend our allocations in several accounts which makes our balance look good, but I’m not sure if people have been busy and have not given me receipts.
    3. Approximately 1/3 of our operating expenses are being paid for by OPERA.  Last year I suggested that dues for Academy members be raised as they contribute about $10 toward operating expenses whereas regular members contribute $30 (above what we pay HK for publications).  This year I am suggesting that all dues amounts be examined.




  1. Adoption of the final budget for 2005.
  2. Follow up with HK about online availability of Quest.  I have not received notice that I can access the publication online.
  3. Raise dues for Academy members – Currently Academy members pay $20.  The rate is lower because they receive their subscription to Quest from the Academy.  Last year it cost $7 per member for a subscription to the Chronicle.   Regular faculty members contribute approximately $30 more than the cost of publications for running the organization.  If Academy members contributed equally, their membership should be approximately $40.  Instead of doubling the cost of membership for Academy members, the Board might consider doing a graduated increase (i.e. $10 immediately followed by an additional $10 two years after that).
  4. Think about a dues increase for all members.  We now have PayPal options.  No members have taken advantage of that but universities are using it to pay for OPERA.  Consider raising dues and allow members to use PayPal for renewal.
  5. Since we have PayPal, consider sending renewals via email.  A form could be included and this could be returned electronically for those using PayPal.  For the first year, we probably should send hard copies as well as electronic versions.  Or, consider sending renewals via email on Sept 15 followed by hard copies for those who don’t respond in the first 30 days (by Nov 1).
  6. Support Bill Sparks’ efforts for increasing membership.
  7. Survey members who have not renewed following the reminder mailing (approximately March 2005) to determine reasons for non-renewal
  8. Develop a procedure for use of the money held in the Memorial, Lecture, and Diversity funds.  I believe that Judith Bischoff and the Foundations Committee has a proposal.
  9. Solicit funds from companies related to our field to sponsor the various meal functions.  Previously we have had as much as $2,000 contributed.  This year we had one contribution.  I know that Judith Bischoff has tried very hard to do this.  Perhaps this effort needs to come from more than one person.
  10. Develop a policy on travel reimbursement (per diem) for the Future Directions Committee meeting.
  11. Consider adding a way to honor or remember someone via the Memorial Fund.  This could be printed in the Chronicle once each year.




Membership this year is less than that of last year.  Because of trying to get PayPal set up, I sent renewals approximately 1 month later this year.  Also, Georgia State closes down during the holidays and I was not able to get renewals sent during that time for the purpose of this report.