Progress Report
Date December 19, 2005

Report #: 4.07

Name of Office/Committee: Executive Secretary Treasurer

Person Submitting Report: Jackie Lund

Membership Summary
  2003 2004 2005
Faculty 134 113 113
Academy Members 19 15 16
Emeritus (pay no dues) 9 11 7
Emeritus (Taking Chronicle Only) 5 6 6
Emeritus (taking Quest and Chronicle) 10 8 8
Graduate Students 13 8 9
International Faculty 66 3 1
Emeritus H   4 4
TOTAL 196 168 164

We have 162 members that have not renewed yet. Several of these are Board members so I assume we will pick them up at the conference or before


  • Bank of America Checking (11/30/05) $13,770.62 
  • Bank of America Savings (11/30/05) $6,878.41
  • Oppenheimer General Fund (9/16/05) $19,615.70
  • Oppenheimer Lecture Fund (9/16/05) $17681.07
  • Oppenheimer Memorial Fund (9/16/05) $17,520.52
  • Oppenheimer Diversity Fund (9/16/05) $4,597.14


  • Salary $4,800.00
  • Student assistant $400.00
  • Office supplies $583.39
  • IRS Renewal $149


Actions by the Executive Secretary/Treasurer for the year:

  • Filed necessary forms for IRS
  • Filed necessary forms for renewal of the incorporation documents
  • Sent reminder notices in March to members that had not renewed
  • Paid receipts promptly
  • Opened an Oppenheimer account for the Social Justice and Cultural Diversity fund
  • Send out the ballots with the fall membership mailing. This is a substantial savings of postage and envelopes.
  • Responded to numerous emails and requests for documents by the president
  • Processed membership renewals, new memberships, and OPERA checks
  • Responded to correspondence from officers, members, and non-members

Comments on budget

1. At this point the budget looks very solid:
a. We now have the diversity funds in a separate account that will earn interest.
b. Bill Forbes efforts and cost cutting measures generated $7947.16 from the 2005 convention. This leaves a net profit of $6,947.16 after subtracting the seed money.
c. OPERA generated over $11,000 for the organization last year and cost us $1,723.70. Sally Ayer and Sandra Cottle do an excellent job with this.
d. Because of good revenues, I was able to transfer money into our Oppenheimer General Account which is our savings account. Our balance is now close to what it was in 2000. I will transfer additional money to the General account this year.
e. I will transfer $315 to the Memorial Fund account, $940 into the Lecture Fund account, and $770 into the Diversity Fund account. These numbers are up from last year. This, coupled with an increase in interest rates means that the funds have done very well. 
f. Interest rates are considerably better for our funds. The lecture account is getting to the point that the interest could actually support a lecture.
g. I have several new memberships. I feel that this is a direct result of having an administrative pre-conference as well as Camille's membership recruiting efforts. 
h. We exhibited at AAHPERD, but did not gain members directly from that. We have had several new people join - not just in conjunction with the conference - so the AAHPERD exhibit might have had some impact although it didn't show at the time.
i. I have suggested to Camille that she provide some type of memento for the conference to start getting the NAKPEHE name out in public. Ginny also bought pins this year. We are financially healthy and this is a good time to promote the association.
j. Ginny has initiated several projects this year in an attempt to define the organization and increase membership.

2. Concerns
a. I have not received a second bill from Joy DeSensi for publication of Quest. This means that on paper, we did not spend all that we had budgeted, but in reality, the bill will come out of next year's budget. This makes the budget appear to be not what it really is.
b. Several officers have asked during the year to exceed their budgets. Officers are urged to anticipate needs and send them to me so that they can be built into the budget.


  1. Adoption of the final budget for 2005.
  2. Since we have PayPal, consider sending renewals via email. A form could be included and this could be returned electronically for those using PayPal. For the first year, we probably should send hard copies as well as electronic versions. Or, consider sending renewals via email on Sept 15 followed by hard copies for those who don't respond in the first 30 days (by Nov 1).
  3. Support efforts for increasing membership.
  4. Survey members who have not renewed following the reminder mailing (approximately March 2005) to determine reasons for non-renewal
  5. Solicit funds from companies related to our field to sponsor the various meal functions. Because of Ginny's efforts as well as those of others we have all lectures covered. Last year we had one contribution. 
  6. Consider adding a way to honor or remember someone via the Memorial Fund. This could be printed in the Chronicle once each year.