Progress Report

November 2004


Report #:_7.03_

Name of Office/Committee:                    __Elections______________

Person Submitting Report:                     __Mandi Anderson________


Progress Report/Tasks Completed:

Solicited names of potential candidates from members and committee. Committee reviewed and approved list to be contacted.


Contacted nominees to determine willingness to run and requested vitae. Only one candidate for secretary was identified.


Sent vitae to Mel Finkenberg for posting on the web rather than making and mailing paper copies with the ballot.


Submitted ballot to secretary for mailing to members.


Received and counted ballots.




Suggestions for Future Plans Related to this Office/Committee

Continue to post vitae on the web to reduce the cost of postage and paper unless there is negative feedback from the membership.





Action Required by Board:

None at this time




Budget Implications: