Call for Proposals 


January 5-6, 2005

Hilton El Conquistador Resort, Tucson, AZ


Below are questions about issues faced by administrators on a regular basis. What are the administrative issues that you face?  What solutions have worked for you in dealing with some of these issues?  Please share your ideas with us at the 2005 NAKPEHE Administrative Pre-Conference in Tucson. Submit a proposal online today at:


Leadership and Leadership Behavior:

            What do administrators need to know about law and liability?

            What is leadership behavior?   

What are the components or traits required for good leadership?

            What or who are the institutional enemies of leadership?

            What is visionary leadership?

Formal Organization and Administrative Structure:

            How do we work most effectively with institutional governing bodies?

            What are the most contemporary trends in academic structures?

            How do we effectively organize and/or re-organize groups/committees, etc.?

What are the pressing structural housing problems (athletics, health, recreation, dance, education, nursing) and how do we deal with them?

Faculty Governance Issues:

            How can administrators work most effectively with a faculty senate?

            Should chairs be elected or appointed?

            Should chairs be tenured or can they be non-tenured?

            How is power best shared - through negotiation or delegation?

            How should faculty service be documented, evaluated, and rewarded?

            What are the effective management tools to deal with difficult faculty?

            What are effective management tools to deal with our difficult administrative superiors?

            What is the place and role of administrative civility?

            What is the role of the administrator in social justice and cultural diversity?

Administration as a Career:

            What are effective techniques for managing role conflict?

            How can we better understand the concepts of a career and career patterns?

            What is effective professional socialization of administrators?

            What are appropriate salary considerations for administrators?

Administrative Resource Management:

            How much should be allocated to promotion?

            What is the role and place of fundraising for administrators?

            What is the role of the administrator in Grantsmanship?

            What is the administrator's role in the awarding of merit salaries, awards and bonuses?

            How can administrators create new resources?


The above list is certainly not complete? What is a pressing administrative issue that you feel should be included in this conference? Please submit an abstract of a timely administrative topic to be considered for presentation.


NAKPEHE Administrative Pre-conference abstracts can be submitted online at:   Abstracts are due October 31, 2004. Please share this RFP with your fellow administrators.