Progress Report


Report #: 6.02

Name of Office/Committee: Bylaws Committee

Person Submitting Report: Richard Oates, Chair

Progress Report/Tasks Completed:

The committee reviewed recommended changes to the Future Directions Committee and forwarded the recommendations to the Board for approval at the January 2006 meeting.

The committee discussed the issue of what constitutes a quorum needed to conduct business at the Business Meeting held during the Annual Conference. The question was referred back to the committee from the Future Directions Committee. This committee's interpretation of Article III, Section 5, is as follows: A quorum is established when a majority of the voting members attending the conference are in attendance during the Business Meeting.

Suggestions for Future Plans Related to this Office/Committee

The committee needs to continue to review the operating codes for each office within the Association and make change/revision recommendations to the Board.

Action Required by Board:

Approval of changes to the Future Directions Committee Operating Code

Budget Implications: