National Association for Physical Education in Higher Education
Minutes for Business Meeting
January 8, 2000
Austin, Texas

The 2000 Business Meeting for the National Association of Physical Education in Higher Education was called to order at 8:20 a.m. in Austin, Texas by President Joy DeSensi. President DeSensi introduced the following officers: Bob Ruhling, President-elect, Charles Ash, Vice-President elect, Hally Beth Poindexter, Parliamentarian, and Marilyn Buck, Vice-president and 2000 Convention Manager.

Shaunna McGhie moved to approve the minutes to the 1999 Business Meeting. Veronica Yockey seconded. Motion passed.

President-elect Bob Ruhling highlighted the Executive Secretary/Treasurer’s Report.

  • NAPEHE’s membership is currently stable
  • 217 people have paid their dues by December 31, 1999
  • 204 people have not yet renewed
  • NAPEHE’s financial picture is better this year than one year ago
  • People in attendance were encouraged to go back to their institutions and invite colleagues to become members of NAPEHE

Vice President Marilyn Buck stated that she will publish her report on the web. It was noted that:

  • 101 registered for the Austin Conference
  • 26 individuals were in Austin attending their first NAPEHE conference

Dr. Buck also announced that there would be a refreshment break between the second and third session on Saturday.

President DeSensi expressed her appreciation to Marilyn for her hard work in making the Austin NAPEHE Conference a success.

Steve Estes, Past-president announced that the 2002 NAPEHE Conference will be held in the Menger Hotel in San Antonio, Texas. Cathy Buell will run the conference as NAPEHE’s vice-president and Judy Bischoff will be the NAPEHE president in 2002.

Vice-president Charlie Ash reported on behalf of the Future Directions Committee that the 2001 NAPEHE Conference will be held at Amelia Island, GA. Flyers about that conference along with a call for papers and proposal submission forms are located on the registration tables here in Austin.

Ron Feingold, representing AIESEP invited NAPEHE members to attend future conferences to be held in:

* September 2-5, 2000 Rockhamton, Australia
* June, 2001 Taiwan
* August, 2001 Plymouth State University, NH
* November, 2001 Madeira, Portugal
* June, 2002 Spain

Dr. Feingold is also involved with planning a summit conference in Germany with a group that wants to make a case for physical education internationally. He is also editing a book of research to support having physical education in schools throughout the world.

Charlie Ash reported for CUAC

  • The CUAC Conference is usually held the first week in July
  • Last year’s conference was held in Monterey, CA
  • The 2000 CUAC Conference will be held at Seal Palm Resort, St. Simon’s Island, GA.
  • Richard Miller is chairing the 2000 Conference
  • NAPEHE members were encouraged to attend

President DeSensi delivered the necrology report for Jody Davenport. The following colleagues have passed away during this year: Jean Bardeen, M. Frances Dougherty, DeDe Owens, and Beverly Wadsworth.

A moment of silence was observed in honor of these colleagues.

Cathy Buell announced that NAPEHE will have an exhibit booth at the 2000 AAHPERD Convention (#1114). She encouraged NAPEHE members to bring potential new members by to learn more about NAPEHE. She also will have the professional directory book at the both so that members can check information for accuracy or provide updates.

Beverly Mitchell, chair of the awards committee reported that the Distinguished Awards for Service, Administrator, and Scholarship will be announced at the Sargent Lecture later in the day (Saturday). Chuck Corbin will chair next year’s Awards Committee. Members were encouraged to submit nominations to him. A nomination form will appear in the May issue of the Chronicle of Physical Education in Higher Education.

President DeSensi announced election results: Judy Bischoff is the new President-elect and Cathy Buell is the new Vice President-elect.

John Massengale of the Foundations committee thanked Mayfield Publishing, Morton Publishing, Human Kinetics, and Polar Electronics for each sponsoring a meal function at this year's NAPEHE Convention.

President DeSensi recognized John Massengale and Marilyn Buck for securing this money.

Charlie Ash reported that the Future Directions Committee met at Amelia Island to plan the 2001 NAPEHE Conference. The conference theme and convention format were established.

President DeSensi reported that Steve Estes will become editor of the Chronicle of Physical Education in Higher Education. Judy Bischoff will edit the February issue. Since the NAPEHE Board Meeting minutes and Future Directions Committee reports are being posted on the NAPEHE website, they will no longer be published in the Chronicle. This will leave more room for articles.

President DeSensi thanked Judy Bischoff for her work as editor of the Chronicle.

Karen DePauw, current editor of Quest, announced that John Dunn will be the new editor. During her tenure as editor she has been trying to do things differently. Innovations noted included the book reviews, Sharon Shields photo essay, and the feature on Social Justice and Diversity, edited by Emily Wughalter and Jan Rintala.

Dr. DePauw noted that Quest is getting praise and recognition from those outside our field. She noted that Quest was included as part of the NAPEHE membership fee. Members were encouraged to continue to submit articles.

President DeSensi thanked Dr. DePauw for her efforts as editor of Quest.

Sally Ayers, editor of OPERA spoke next. OPERA publishes job openings for positions in our field. Members were encouraged to continue to submit/post any openings at their institution.

President DeSensi thanked Dr. Ayers for her efforts with OPERA.

Camille O’Bryant, Social Justice Committee announced that this committee will publish a questionnaire in the May issue of theChronicle of Physical Education in Higher Education. Members will also be able to submit this information electronically. The intent of the questionnaire is to provide feedback to the Social Justice Committee, helping NAPEHE to grow in practical, ethical ways. She invited all members to submit their opinions.

Leah Fiorentino of the Doctoral Student Task Force announced that JeongAe You won this year’s Young Scholar Award. Bob Christina as the Sargent Lecturer responded to the paper. Leah encouraged doctoral students and new faculty members to submit papers and posters for next year’s competition.

There was no Old Business.

New Business

Sharon Shields announced that three historically black institutions in Nashville were informed recently that they would be destroyed in 2000. She cautioned that minority students may be a target in all institutions and that higher education needs to be aware that they are potential targets.

President DeSensi thanked all current and past NAPEHE Board Members for their hard work and commitment. In addition, she thanked all members for their support of her presidency. Bob Ruhling and Steve Estes were recognized with special thanks for all that they had done during the past year as president-elect and past-president, respectively.

Dr. DeSensi also congratulated distinguished Award winners and this year’s lecturers.

Beverly Mitchell motioned to adjourn the meeting. Alison Wrynn seconded the motion.