NAPEHE New Board Meeting

Marilyn Buck, Presiding

January 18, 2003


HMS Queen Mary Hotel

Long Beach, CA



Members present:  Mandi Anderson, Charlie Ash, Marilyn Buck, John Dunn, Bill Forbes, Newton Jackson, Jackie Lund, Beverly Mitchell, Camille OπBryant, Ginny Overdorf, Jan Rintala, Bob Ruhling, Valerie Wayda (proxy for Ann Stewart)


1.0 Introductions.

The first meeting of the new board following the passing of the gavel from Charles Ash to Marilyn Buck in an earlier session was called to order at 3:17p by the incoming president, Marilyn Buck.  After welcoming the new board, President Buck distributed a copy of the leadership directory for 2003-04 as well as the master list.  All members were asked to check the list for correct addresses (mailing and e-mail), phone and fax numbers.


2.0  Minutes for January 15, 2003

The minutes from the first Board meeting of this yearπs conference will be presented at the April meeting for approval.


3.0  Approval of Agenda ≠ Marilyn Buck

Motion:  Move to approve the agenda with additions.  By J. Rintala and seconded by N. Jackson.  Approved.


4.0  Officer Reports

4.01     President ≠ Marilyn Buck

Next meeting of the board will be in Philadelphia at the AAHPERD National Convention, Wednesday, April 2, 10a ≠ 2p, location TBA.  President Buck asked that committee chairs let her know if she can assist in any way and encouraged committee chairs to divide the work of their respective committees among their members.


4.02     Past President ≠ Charles Ash

This item was deferred until later in the agenda (item 8.01).


4.03     President Elect ≠ Bill Sparks

No report.


4.04     Vice President ≠ Jan Rintala

Jan has received input about next yearπs conference from earlier sessions this week.  She requests two things from the board:  1) clarification on incentive plans to increase conference attendance without negatively impacting income, and 2) guidance about how much flexibility the V-P has as planner.  It was noted that the V-P works with the membership chair and presents a conference budget at the next meeting (AAHPERD).


4.05     Vice President Elect ≠ Bill Forbes

Bill will be working very closely with the new membership chair N. Jackson and with V-P J. Rintala in planning for the 2004 conference in Tuscon, AZ.


4.06     Secretary ≠ Beverly Mitchell

Beverly requested that before the end of each board/business meeting, the maker of each motion provides the secretary with a written statement of the motion so there is clear and refined language for the minutes.


4.07     Executive Secretary/Treasurer ≠ Jackie Lund

As the new appointee to this position, J. Lund will streamline the responsibilities and in doing will create more efficient procedures. One of the first tasks is to investigate the associationπs funds as to purpose, worth, and better ways to invest for maximum return.  She will also look into publicationsπ contracts and website support. She will track membership over time with monthly reports to generate trend data and will keep the Board informed of any new information.


5.0  2003 Conference Report ≠ Mel Finkenberg

No Report


6.0  Committee Chair Reports

6.01     Awards ≠ Charlie Hardy

C. Hardy is the new chair of the Awards Committee.


6.02     By-Laws ≠ Richard Oates

R. Oates is the new chair of the By-Laws Committee.  C. Ash stressed the importance of keeping up-to-date the operating code/by-laws notebook and web pages.


6.03     Elections ≠ Mandi Anderson

M. Anderson solicited the Board members for nominations for next yearπs President Elect and Vice-President Elect, both of whom must be female.


6.04     Foundations ≠ Bob Ruhling

The association needs financial [corporate] sponsors to help defray the costs of conference expenditures.  Human Kinetics was the associationπs only contributor this year.  Bob will contact the publishers of current members for interest in sponsoring some portion of future conferences. He will also work with J. Lund on the matter of the associationπs funds.  He will also oversee the annual review of the Executive Secretary/Treasurer.  It was discovered that we have not been following this procedure as called for in the operating code.


6.05     Future Directions ≠ Steve Estes

C. Ash spoke to the importance of the FDC getting underway quickly with the matter of changing the name of the association.  If the FDC is able to meet before AAHPERD, a recommendation could be ready for Board discussion as early as April.


6.06     Membership ≠ Newton Jackson

As a new member of the board, N. Jackson asked for two pieces of information:  1) the number of members for the past 5 years, and 2) the membership goal for this year.  J. Lund will provide the membership data but a goal was not set.  Several suggestions were made:  re-examine the feasibility of offering life memberships (with a cap), have members identify their areas of academic interest and age group, explore the notion of a category called ≥sustaining members≤ (pay according to ability), and survey membership to determine if our members think they receive adequate benefits for the membership dollar.


6.07     Public Affairs ≠ Anne Stewart

Valerie was the proxy for A. Stewart who will continue as chair.


6.08     Publications ≠ Bill Sparks

Since B. Sparks is the new President Elect, a new chair will be identified to finish out his term.  Two names were suggested: Shane Frehlich and Bill Forbus.


6.09     Social Justice/Cultural Diversity ≠ Camille OπBryant

Because of other responsibilities, Sharon Shields has asked that the co-chair position be eliminated and Camille remains as chair. H. Poindexter is investigating with the committee the details of the original diversity fund proposal for information to help the committee determine how the accumulated funds might be best put to use.


6.10     Technology ≠ Mark Stanbrough

No report.


7.0  Old Business



8.0  New Business

8.01     2006 Conference Site Selection ≠ Charles Ash

With the help of Gloria Robbins who has assisted the association in the past with site selection, several sites will be explored further:  San Diego and Las Vegas (and vicinity).  Possible dates are January 4-8 but this will depend upon availability of properties. 


8.02     Approve Appointments

President Buck reviewed the leadership list with the Board and identified new appointments as well as vacancies remaining.


Motion:  Move that the number of members on the Social Justice and Cultural Diversity Committee be increased for one year [to accommodate the replacements for staggered year appointments]. By C. OπBryant and seconded by J. Rintala. Approved.


Motion:  Move to approve the appointments as proposed with the stipulation that President Buck has the authority to make additional appointments and submit the final list for approval at the April Board meeting.  By J. Rintala and seconded by C. OπBryant. Approved.


8.03     Operating Codes and By-Laws

President Buck asked that all board members review the by-laws and operating codes for errors and current practice. Any changes or updates should be sent to the By-Laws Committee.


8.04     Name Change

Suggestions included having the FDC take responsibility for crafting a new name for the association, or authorizing an ad hoc committee with the same.  Regardless, the proposal must be in the Chronicleπs September issue.  President Buck will talk with Steve Estes, Chair of the FDC, for further advice.


8.05       Promoting NAPEHE

Many ideas were suggested at the Closing Session of this yearπs conference preceding this Board meeting. B. Mitchell will send the notes she recorded to President Buck.


Motion:  Move to adjourn. By B. Ruhling and seconded by M. Anderson. Approved.


Meeting adjourned at 5:05p.


Respectfully submitted,


Beverly Mitchell, Secretary