Thursday, March 23, 2000 1 p.m.
Orlando, FL

Call to Order Bob Ruhling

The meeting was called to order at 1:20 p. m.

Members present: Charlie Ash, Sally Ayer, Judith Bischoff, Marilyn Buck, Cathy Buell, Jody Davenport, Karen DePauw, Joy DeSensi, Steve Estes, Gail Evans, Mel Finkenberg, Susan Hall, Jackie Lund, John Massengale, Shaunna McGhie, Camille O’Bryant, Virginia Overdorf, Hally Beth Poindexter, Bob Ruhling, Sharon Shields, Emily Wughalter, Virginia Yockey.

Members not present: Chuck Corbin, Ron Feingold, Leah Fiorentino, Sandra Gallemore, Bob Mechikoff, Bill Sparks, Dick Swanson, and Alison Wrynn.

Dr. Ruhling opened the meeting by presenting everyone with fossilized shark teeth as a symbol of the longevity of NAPEHE and pencils from George Mason University as a reminder of where Dr. Ruhling taught. A poem, written by Dr. Ruhling, about NAPEHE’s potential was read.

1.0 New and continuing members of the NAPEHE Board of Directors were introduced.

2.0 Approval of January 5, 2000 and January 8, 2000 minutes Jackie Lund (Written)

Judith Bischoff moved approval of January 5, 2000 minutes from the NAPEHE Board meeting. Seconded Gail Evans. Motion passed.

Gail Evans moved approval of January 8, 2000 minutes from the NAPEHE Board meeting. Steve Estes seconded. Motion passed.

A suggestion was made to hold the final board meeting at the 2001 Conference 15 minutes after the last session.

3.0 Approval of Agenda Bob Ruhling

The agenda prepared by President Ruhling was accepted. Cathy Buell noted that the number on her report was incorrect.

4.0 Officer’s Reports

4.01 President’s Report Bob Ruhling (written)

President Ruhling reported the following actions:

  • Appointed Hally Beth Poindexter as Parliamentarian
  • Completed appointments of the NAPEHE Board roster
  • Urged Council chairs to contact member of their committees
  • Has over 200 names of potential members which he will invite to join NAPEHE
  • Has verbal confirmation of the lecturers for the 2001 Amelia Island NAPEHE meeting
  • George Mason University has contributed $500 to the Delphine Hanna Lecture in 2001

4.02 Past-president’s Report Joy DeSensi (written)

Joy reported working on getting a permanent black and white photo of Amy Morris Homans. President Ruhling reported that it had been located and was being copied.

6.09 Site selection 2003 Joy DeSensi (written)

Joy distributed a list of several hotel sites for the 2003 Convention. Several of the hotels are very expected. The Clarion has contacted Steve Estes about NAPEHE returning for 2003. Other hotels/sites were suggested. Shaunna McGhee offered to contact local people in San Diego for other possible sites.

7.08.3 Quest Publication Karen DePauw (written)

Karen has contacted Human Kinetics about publishing the Amy Morris Homans lectures through 2000. She will make a written proposal to Human Kinetics and formalize the agreement. Human Kinetics didn’t think it would be a problem with copyrights as NAPEHE owns the copyright. Even if Human Kinetics doesn’t publish this, MANPEHE still wants to publish the lectures.

Karen is working with Shaunna McGhie to develop an operating code for Quest.

Manuscripts for the May 200 issue of Quest have been submitted. The August issue will be finalized by April 1. She is awaiting information from AAKPE regarding the November issue.

Karen has also invited the Mosscrop lecturers to submit manuscripts for consideration in Quest. She needs the names and addresses.

John Dunn is the new Quest editor. February will be his first issue of Quest.

Steve Estes reported that he is scanning abstracts and putting them on the Web. He is also building a search engine and developing key words so that people can reference them.

Gail Evans nominated Joy DeSensi for the position of associate editor starting in January 2001. Shaunna McGhie seconded. Dr. DeSensi left the room.

Motion passed unanimously.

Jody Davenport recognized Karen’s excellent work with Quest.

4.03 President-elect’s report Judith Bischoff (written)

A question was asked about whether the Past-president convenes the Future Directions meeting.

The Chair of the Future Directions Committee convenes the meeting, in conjunction with the president-elect.

Dr. Bischoff will work with the operating code

Dr. Ruhling suggested that Board members work with bylaws and get the operating code in order with our operating procedures.

4.04 Vice President’s report Charlie Ash (written)

Charlie will work with his university to facilitate the conference. Dr. John Muyskens, former Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs for the University System of Georgia and currently the CEO and Dean of Faculty of the Gwinnett Center will be the keynote speaker.

Charlie informed the group that he had prepared materials for the NAPEHE booth at the AAHPERD Convention in Orlando. He also thanked Steve Estes for downloading a picture of Amelia Island on the Web.

4.05 Vice President-elect report Cathy Buell (written)

Cathy reported that she has been in communication with the hotel in San Antonio. She is also in the process of getting colleagues to serve on the Conference Committee

4.06 Secretary Jackie Lund

No report.

4.07 Executive Secretary/Treasurer report Gail Evans (written)

Gail reported that there currently are cash flow problems so she hasn’t set up the accounts as she was to have done. She has purchased a new computer. The Board recommended that Gail not attend the Future Directions committee meeting (on-site) but that she be available for a phone call at a specified time if they need her. Gail also reported that changes in the NAPEHE Bylaws will be mailed during Fall 2000 for approval at the 2001 meeting. If approved, they will go into effect for 2002.

Charlie Ash asked what NAPEHE’s membership has been over the past 10 years. Gail reported that it has been fairly stable. E-mail has presented some challenges for renewal and she is working out the bugs.

Gail reported 315 active members for 2000. The current checking account balance is $2554.90.

5.0 Liaison Reports

5.01 AAKPE John Massengale (written)

Nothing new to report

5.02 AAHPERD John Massengale (written)

Nothing new to report.

5.03 AAHPERD Research Consortium Emily Wughalter

No report. Emily has been busy with AAHPERD.

5.04 AIESEP Ron Feingold (written)

Ron is representing NAPEHE at the Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia Congress and the Pre-Olympic Congress in Brisbane. In addition he is working on future conferences in Taiwan, Plymouth, Madeira, and Spain.

5.05 CDC

Gail Evans moved to eliminate the CDC position. Ginny Overdorf seconded the motion. Motion passed.

5.06 CUAC Charlie Ash (written)

The 2001 Conference will be held in Colorado Springs.

ICHPER-SD Mimi Murray

Bob Ruhling will contact Mimi Murray about being NAPEHE’s liaison for ICHPER-SD. Marilyn Buck reported that the July 2001 conference will be held in Brazil.

5.08 National Coalition for Promoting Physical Activity Sandy Gallemore (written)

Sandy has maintained contact with this group on behalf of NAPEHE. She has received the update on 2010 Healthy People objectives. They are available on the website ( She also has received information on Oregon’s actions to make physical education a core subject. Georgia has voted to eliminate physical education. In Missouri, physical education is a core subject.

5.09 SAWPASH Veronica Yockey (written)

Veronica reported that her term ends October 2000 and that Joanne Rowe will take her place as president. SAWPASH has about 100 members. Hally Beth Poindexter will be the 2000 Mosscrop lecturer. Veronica distributed brochures for the conference.

5.10 WCPES John Massengale (written)

John reported that this group is moving to involve more students in the future. Their 2000 conference will be in Reno. They are going to name their awards after people instrumental in keeping the Western Society going. Their numbers are increasing due to an influx of students. They may explore the idea of inviting Masters students to present research &endash; they do not have to register, this move will be to encourage them to attend.

5.11 WSPECW Gail Evans (written)

Gail reported that the Western Society’s annual conference will be a cruise this fall. They are encouraging new members by giving free rooms. They also are hiring a consultant to explore ways to encourage membership.

Sharon Shields reported that Western and Southern Societies met at Orlando for a breakfast. They hope to continue doing this in the future.

7.09 Social Justice/Diversity Camille O’Bryant and Sharon Shields

Camille and Sharon have developed a questionnaire and cover letter. They are working with Marilyn and Gail to put this on line. As soon as Camille has a URL, she can distribute them. They won’t be available at Orlando. They will print in the May issue of theChronicle. Camille and Sharon are looking for presentations or keynote speakers to address social justice and cultural diversity. Steve Estes told them that he can add the address for the Web. The survey will also go into the Chronicle.

6.0 Presidential Appointment Reports

6.01 Archivist Dick Swanson

No report. Dick will continue to serve as archivist. He has found the photos of Amy Morris Homans

6.02 Conference 2001 Charlie Ash

Charlie reported that he will try to block out some time for a workshop on Social Justice and Cultural Diversity. Also, he wants to build in more discussion/interaction time. The 2001 conference will be organized around three themes. Also, he will not schedule things at the same time as the NAPEHE Board meeting. Time will be scheduled for committees to meet.

An idea was presented to have the past vice-president or past president give a wrap-up report at the AAHPERD meeting.

Gail Evans reported that the conference profit for 2000 was about $1600. There was low attendance due to the location. This will affect the budget. We typically need to make $6-8,000 on the conference. The 27 new members will get free membership.

Convention Booth Cathy Buell (written)

Cathy asked if she should sign NAPEHE up for a booth next year at the AAHPERD convention in Cincinnati. A discussion followed with board members examining whether the booth was worth the expense. Sally Ayers spoke in favor of a booth, noting that it gives us good visibility to non-members. Camille O’Bryant also noted that it gave the societies good visibility. The booth also provides a good focal point for members. The motion was made and passed to have a booth at the Cincinnati AAHPERD convention in 2001.

6.04 Doctoral Student Task Force Leah Fiorentino

No report. Bob will check with Leah and see if she intends to continue working on the Doctoral Student Task Forces. If she does not want to continue, Bob will get someone else to work with the task force.

6.05 Necrology Jody Davenport (written)

The report showed no new deaths. At the meeting, the following names were added:

Ben Miller
Bob Holland
Norma Jean Johnson

6.06 Oral History Alison Wrynn (written)

Alison has created a committee to assist her. Also, she has developed a list of questions for her interviews. Alison suggested that these oral histories be published into a book or booklet. Steve Estes noted that NAPEHE supports the oral history project and asked Alison to pursue publication.

Haley stated that different people (i.e. Hally and Joy) will be gathering at various times. These meetings provide a good opportunity to get good information. A group is planning to meet at Pleasant View Inn, Rhode Island (Sept 25-28, 2000. Steve will convey this information to Alison Wrynn. NAPEHE members will get the questioning format from Alison and when they meet, will interview past NAPEHE and NACPA members. Also, a list of whom Alison intends to interview will be obtained to help this project.

Steve Estes made the motion to put additional money into the Oral History Project ($500.00). Susan Hall seconded. Motion passed.

Camile asked about the parameters of the oral history project. Jody noted that the original charge was to interview the living. John Massengale reminded the group that the purpose of the project was to get an oral history of NAPEHE rather than biographies of various members.

6.07 Parliamentarian Hally Poindexter

No report.

6.08 Site Selection 2002 Steve Estes

Steve has given the materials for the San Antonio meeting to Cathy Buell.

6.09 Site Selection 2003 Joy DeSensi

Joy is checking into having the convention on the Queen Mary. Shauna will check on local contacts in the area. Bob Ruhling will give information on the Clarion to Joy.

A motion was made by Veronica Yockey to have Joy narrow the site selection search to the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. Ginny Overdorf seconded. After discussion, the motion was withdrawn.

Veronica Yockey made a motion to eliminate the Scottsdale/Phoenix area. Susan Hall seconded. Motion passed.

6.10 Young Scholar Task Force Leah Fiorentino

No report. Bob will check with Leah about whether she wishes to continue.

7.0 Committee Chair Reports

7.01 Awards Chuck Corbin

No report.

7.02 Bylaws Shaunna Mcghie (written)

Shaunna has changed the web site slightly with a URL code. Shaunna has the power to correct typos and obvious errors. Shaunna also wants officers to look at operating codes and look for corrections which need to be made. E-mail Shaunna about any changes to be made. She is trying to clean up the by-laws and eliminate any redundancy. If there are changes that should be made, they will be brought to the board for action. She also suggested that the Parliamentarian and Archivist be given job descriptions and that committees have operating codes. Hally suggested that we may not want to make this change. She will check with other organizations and see which procedures they use.

The Publications committee is in the process of creating an operating code. A question was raised about deleting Opera from III H since it is no longer a newsprint publication. In 1996, Jim Bryant suggested the deletion of III I but it is still in the code. Hally noted that if either is deleted, it must be voted on by the membership. Sustentative changes can be brought to the board in January for board action.

7.03 Elections and Nominations Marilyn Buck

At this time there is not much to report. Marilyn will post the nominations on the web site with Steve. Nominations (males) are needed for president, vice president, and secretary.

7.04 Foundations Ron Feingold (written)

Ron has contacted new members. He needs to evaluate the Executive Director.

Ron has contacted universities of former past presidents to try to get donations. Also, he has met with Allyn and Bacon. They seem interested in donating money to NAPEHE.

The Foundations Committee was charged in January to figure out how to access accounts. This has not yet been done.

7.05 Future Directions Susan Hall

No report. They are trying to figure out a time to meet. They are trying to meet in September and will report at the next Board meeting in January.

7.06 Membership Ginny Overdorf (written)

Ginny asked Board members to send suggestions and ideas for promoting membership.

A suggestion was made that Charlie send a list of presentations to the membership so that they could plan early to attend the conference.

Proposals are due July 24 so that CUAC is encouraged to submit session ideas. Also, the lecturers could be publicized. A prize might be offered to the person who brought in the most new members.

Ginny has a $300 budget.

More membership brochures are needed. It was suggested to add a line “recruited by” to the brochure. A contest for recruiting the most members might be held.

Gail noted that the “personal touch” works (i.e. when NAPEHE members contact friends and invite them to join).

Charlie stated that only about one-half the members attend the conference. He questioned whether we wanted to focus on increasing membership or getting them to attend the conference.

Ginny wants to concentrate membership efforts on the Southeast. Marilyn reported that she has an electronic directory with 1,000 names on it and the potential to send membership information to them. Membership is important to an organization therefore we want to push it. The membership committee needs to have continuity on it.

7.07 Public Affairs Bob Mechikoff

Bob Mechikoff has agreed to serve on this committee. There is no report but he does have a full committee.

7.08 Publications Bill Sparks (written)

Bill made a suggestion to increase the number of members on the Quest editorial board.

The procedure for the Mosscrop lectures was discussed. The lecturer will submit a copy of the manuscript and the Quest editor will decide whether to publish it.

A question was raised as to whether people have to pay to publish ads in Opera.

The written report submitted by Bill Sparks contained errors and will await clarification and correction before it is accepted. Subsequently, clarification was received from Bill Sparks. Board approval was requested and received through an e-mail vote.

7.08.1 The Chronicle of Physical Education in Higher Education Steve Estes

Steve thanked Judith Bischoff for help in getting started. He has worked with Human Kinetics for publication. Steve will scan past tables of contents so that people can access this.
7.08.2 OPERA Sally Ayer, Editor

Sally has added a link to NAPEHE and Cal State Fresno as they support the web site. She gave a summary of jobs posted (139). Sally tries to keep the site current and contacts people to see if the position they advertised has been filled. Sally will try to list a position for a certain number of days. She has contacted people advertising in the Chronicle of Higher Education to see if they are interested in advertising the position on OPERA.

The issue of adding a nominal charge to this service must be addressed. The publications committee will look into this.

The web site name has been changed to match the name of the department at Cal State Fresno.

Sally made up a flyer advertising OPERA. Sally will submit a bill to be reimbursed the $10 copying costs.

7.10 Technology Mel Finkenberg (written)

The Technology Committee needs to add one more member to the committee. They want to do a survey and can do it electronically. They also want to give directions about the Gold Book. Gail Evans reported that the Gold Book is up and running. Members can get to it via the NAPEHE web page.

The Technology Committee should let Shaunna know about any potential changes.

The committee suggested that members be notified electronically. Changes in the bylaws require a mailing but members can be informed electronically of what is happening. Gail Evans made the motion that all reports be sent electronically except for publication. Sue Hall seconded the motion. Motion passed.

9.0 New Business Bob Ruhling

Brad Strand has sent a letter. Steve suggested that John Massengale follow up on this as he is the NAPEHE AAHPERD liaison. It was suggested that this be followed up with an e-mail vote by the Board for approval.

President Ruhling thanked the Board for their support of NAPEHE.

Shaunna McGhie motioned to adjourn. Camille O’Bryant seconded. Motion passed.

Bob Ruhling will send reminders to people to post reports on the web.