Saturday, January 9, 1999 3:00 p.m. San Diego, CA

1.0 Call to Order

Members present: Charlie Ash, Judith Bischoff, Marilyn Buck, Kathy Buell, Jody Davenport, Joy DeSensi, Steve Estes, Gail Evans, Leah Fiorentino, Bill Forbus, John Massengale, Shannon McGhie, Bev Mitchell, Camille O'Brien, Halley Beth Pointdexter, Bob Ruhling, Sharon Shields, and Veronica Yockey.

Members not present:

Meeting was called to order at 2:40 p.m.

2.0 Introduction of New Board Members and Recognition of Continuing Members

New and continuing members of the 1999-2000 NAPEHE Board introduced themselves and indicated their position on the board.

3.0 Approval of the agenda

Agenda was approved as presented.

4.0 Approval of Minutes from January 6-7, 1999 Board Meeting, San Diego, CA

Because of copying problems, minutes from the previous board meeting were not approved. They will be sent to board members and formal approval will occur at the Boston (April, 1999) board meeting.

5.0 President's Report Joy DeSensi

5.1 Recognition of 1999 Program

Bob Ruhling was thanked for his work on the 1999 convention program. Of special note were the original nametags and the boards outside the meeting rooms telling convention attendees of the location of the sessions.

5.2 Goals

Goal 1: Future conferences will continue to explore the full range of the concept of civility; according to various areas of concentration and the subdisciplines.

Goal 2: The Red Books will be revised. The goal is to get consistency, making them tighter and more understandable. At this time, Red Books were distributed to new board members.

Goal 3: With Leah Fiorentino's help, the number of doctoral students who belong to NAPEHE will be increased.

Goal 4: To get more members to NAPEHE, making it more inclusive Goal 5: To work closely with the Future Directions Committee

5.3 Approval of Committee Chair Appointments

Changes were made to propose that chairs of committees rotate people systematically, so that new people can be added. Steve Estes' role was clarified John Massengale will stay on the Foundations Committee and chair it

A motion to approve the committees was made by Bill Forbus and seconded by Steve Estes. Motion passed unanimously.

Judith Bischoff will wait until to May to publish this information in the Newsletter.

5.4 Committee Responsibilities/Meetings/Reports

It was noted that chairs should organize meetings via e-mail. Marilyn will specify meeting times at the next conference. Chairs should set a time either before or after the NAPEHE Board meeting to meet with their committees. A formal written report on this meeting should come from each committee.

5.5 Bylaws and Operating Codes Update

Bylaws speak about not reappointing members, ex-officio members, etc. Each chair/co-chair should examine the operating code for that committee and clarify it. The last year listed by this person's name is the last year he/she will be on that committee. Specify these dates so that the time of service is clear.

Leah was given the charge to bring clean copies to Boston.

John M. noted that sometimes committees noted better ways of doing things than what was written down. This needs to be recorded and operating procedures (written) updated.

Joy DeSensi asked that any proposed changes to the bylaws be put on progress reports. Changes should be listed as action items.

5.6 Next Meeting

The next NAPEHE Board meeting will be 8 a.m. -12 .m., Thursday, April 22, 1999 in Boston. The meeting site will be the Westin Essex South. Joy asked committee members to hold time on either side of this meeting to meet with committee members.

6.0 Past-President Report Steve Estes

All committee chairs were asked to put names on the list of chairs to update this. Joy will maintain the list.

Steve Estes will work on the 2002 Conference site with the Future Directions committee. This conference will be held in the Central Region.

Changes that will be considered over the next year will include both the time (e.g. not in January) and site for the conference. Also, the possibility for a name change for the organization will be considered.

7.0 Outgoing Vice President's Conference Report Bob Ruhling

Bob Ruhling reported that 180 people had attended the convention in San Diego. A discussion followed about refunds for no-shows (medical reasons, etc). It was decided to leave refunds up to the discretion of the vice president.

A full report on the financial aspects of the San Diego Conference will be given in Boston at the AAHPERD meeting.

Some concerns were noted: more than one proposal from a person having board meetings during convention sessions getting doctoral students to attend (note: it was better this year) announcing the lecturer prior to the conference as a way to draw people (Steve Estes noted that these were announced on the NAPEHE web site) an administrator conference prior to the NAPEHE conference the golf outing finished in the dark

It was decided to leave these issues to Marilyn Buck's discretion. Gail Evans noted that the schedule has been evolving. It was noted that there was an additional lecture this year -- the Holman's luncheon. Also, the golf and tennis organizers will talk to Marilyn about scheduling these events. Steve Estes suggested that Board members might come early and complete the business meeting(s) prior to the convention start.

8.0 Vice President's Report - 2000 Conference Marilyn Buck

Marilyn will consider the suggestions offered and use them for guidance while putting the 2000 Conference together. She noted that the price of rooms in Austin will be similar to this year's rate.

Committee reports are to be submitted prior to the board meeting. After a discussion, it was decided to send these reports to Steve Estes by March 22 and he will make a distribution list and send the reports out. It was noted that Human Kinetics maintains NAPEHE's web site. Committee members are to bring hard copies of the reports to the NAPEHE Board meeting in Boston.

Finally, Marilyn invited Board members to send any additional suggestions about next year's conference to her.

9.0 Executive Secretary-Treasurer's Report Gail Evans

Current membership stands at 266 members with 170 non-renewals which gives a total of 436.

Gail also noted that we need to decide how to access money in the foundations/memorial funds.

The Foundations Committee was charge to decide how to use this money. Also, they need to ask for additional money. During the past 2 years $65, $4?., and $1830 from the Diversity Fund has been used.

The following suggestions were given:

We also need to follow up on the free memberships and see how many of those continue as members New money for the Foundations needs to be solicited at conferences Foundation funds should be announced/ talked about at the business meeting Letters should be put at the AAHPERD booth to solicit donations An announcement should be put in the conference program

John Massengale will bring letters to the AAHPERD booth. Form letters will be sent to members from time to time. John will give something to Judith Bischoff for the May edition of the Chronicle.

Gail also suggested putting an announcement in next year's conference bulletin about the 2001 conference.

9.0 Affiliate Reports

Sharon (should this be Liz?) and Veronica are looking for a suite in Boston for a joint meeting/reception of SAWPASH and WSPECW

11.0 Old Business


12.0 New Business

Action #1

Bill Forbus made a motion, John Massengale seconded, to draw for one graduate and one professional membership at AAHPERD. This person could not currently be a member (this is not for renewals), or could not have been a member for the past 2 years.

Motion passed. Unanimous vote in favor.

Charlie Ash recommended that the cut off for new memberships given at the conference not be limited to 30 people. Steve Estes moved and Bob Ruhling seconded to give 50 new memberships at next year's conference.

Discussion followed and the following points were made:

the more people who attended, the less cost per person Gail Evans suggested that we give all first time members who register early for the conference a one year membership Halley Beth Pointdexter said we can continue to do this if the board acts on it each year. If the change is permanent, then by-laws need to be changed Each member costs $33 to Human Kinetics, plus the cost of the Chronicle.

Charlie Ash motioned to table the motion on the floor. Sharon Shields seconded.

Action #2

Gail Evans motioned, John Massengale seconded, to eliminate the current free paper for doctoral students. (I need help with this one; I didn't get the wording!!)

The following discussion occurred:

Sharon Shields nominated young scholars. John Massengale noted that young scholars should attend the conference to present the paper and receive the money. If nominations are made, there should be a standard of competition. The young scholar presents the paper to the Dudley Sargeant Scholar lecturer. Bill Forbus stated that criteria need to be drawn. John Massengale felt that there should be age and experience limits set

The motion to eliminate the current free paper passed unanimously.

Action #3

A motion to establish a young scholar award was made.

Motion passed unanimously.

Leah Fiorentino, Bev Mitchell, and John Massengale will develop a model and the criteria. Veronica, John Massengale, and Jody Davenport will send information/suggestions to Leah. A report on this award will be made in Boston.

13.0 Announcements

Charlie Ash requested Board members to be the contact person for the membership committee chair (i.e. state contact person). He will call Kathy Gill to get a list of members and possible contact people.

Date suggestions for the 2001 conference need to be sent to the Future Directions Committee (Charlie Ash or Bob Ruhling, Bill Forbus???). They will meet in May.

Sharon McGhie asked Board members to look at the Bylaws that they received. Any errors, typos, or changes in the way committees and/or positions function should be noted.

Bev Mitchell asked about when committee vacancies are to be filled. These are to be sent to Joy. She will e-mail approval to fill.

Motion to adjourn was made at 3:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Jackie Lund