Thursday, April 22, 1999 8:00 a.m. Boston, MA

1.0 Call to Order

Members present: Sally Ayer, Charlie Ash, Judith Bischoff, Marilyn Buck, Jody Davenport, Karen DePauw, Joy DeSensi, Steve Estes, Gail Evans, Leah Fiorentino, Bill Forbus, Sandra Gallemore, Elizabeth Glover, Jackie Lund, John Massengale, Shaunna McGhie, Beverly Mitchell, Camille O'Bryant, Hally Beth Poindexter, Bob Ruhling, and Sharon Shields.

Members not present: Doris Corbett, Ron Feingold, Mel Finkenberg, Kathy Gill, Susan Kovar, Chris Malone, Bill Sparks, Dick Swanson, Emily Wughalter, and Veronica Yockey.

Meeting was called to order at 8:15 a.m.

2.0 Approval of Agenda

The following items were added to the agenda:

6.3a Vice presidential report from Bob Ruhling
7.5 WPES report
7.6 CUAC report
7.7 AAKPE Liaison
7.8 AAHPERD report
7.9 Research Consortium report
7.10 Physical Activity Consortium report
9.0 "Committee Reports" was amended to read "Committee Reports/Task Forces"
9.11 Doctoral Student Task Force report
9.12 Doctoral/Masters Degree Task Force report
9.13 NAPEHE Young Scholar Award Task Force Report

Bill Forbus was asked to flag motions requiring a vote/board action.


3.0 Approval of Minutes

The following corrections were made to the January 6-7, 1999 NAPEHE Board minutes

10.7.4 A report was given on the Physical Education E-mail Directory

The E-mail is up and on line. People are asked to make corrections needed.

10.8 Change "dingo" to "doing."

The following corrections were made to the January 9, 1999 NAPEHE Board Minutes

1.0 Call to Order, several corrections were made to spelling board member names

5.5 Delete "Leah was given the charge to bring clean copies to Boston" to read "A suggestion was made to bring clean copies of Bylaws to Boston and give to Shaunna McGhie.

9.0 Delete "During the past 2 years $65, $42?, and $1830 from the Diversity Fund has been used" to read "During the past 2 years $65, $425, and $1830 from the Diversity Fund has been donated to the Memorial, Lecture, and Diversity funds, respectively."


Add Virginia Overdorf's name to the Future Directions Committee and one more to be appointed.

Minutes from both meetings were approved as amended.

4.0 President's Report (written)

Committee chair and member positions are being filled Selected Dr. Sharon Shields to give the Hanna Lecture at the 2000 Convention Selected Dr. Robert Christina to give the Sargent Lecture at the 2000 Convention Selected Dr. Judith Bischoff to give the Homan's Lecture at the 2000 Convention Discussed the HKP Contract with Linda Bump Suggested that minutes and Committee Reports be posted on the Web site (Steve Estes to help; the Board of Directors kink on the web site has minutes and reports) Money for the Boston breakfast will come out of the president's allotment

5.0 Executive Secretary's Report (written)

The checking account is healthy ($10,092.95 as of 4-14-99) which does not include deposits to be made to the Memorial and Lecture funds, $110 and $425, respectively. Board members were told that officers receive $50 for attending NAPEHE conference The Future Directions Committee is reimbursed for their meeting The president is reimbursed if he/she attends CUAC Stationary was distributed

6.0 Officer's Reports

6.1 Past President Steve Estes

Steve suggested that NAPEHE hold the 2002 conference in San Antonio. The Omni has the best prices, but is not on the River Walk. Steve will begin negotiating with a hotel at that site, and eventually hopes to identify a hotel in each region so that we can lock into room rates in advance.

Steve Estes moved, Bob Ruhling seconded that the 2002 NAPEHE conference be in San Antonio. Motion passed.

Steve will make sure that the timing of the convention, as well as the site, is discussed by the Future Directions Committee

6.2 President-elect Bob Ruhling (written)

Has contacted the Future Directions Committee Chair to schedule a meeting at Amelia Island Plantation Bill Forbus will give all members of the Future Directions Committee a reimbursement form Reviewed NAPEHE Manual Suggested that changes be made in what each office/officer does

6.3a Past Vice President Bob Ruhling (written)

180 people attended the 1999 Conference in San Diego Mailings were sent to 1500 people A follow-up letter form the San Diego Convention Bureau was read Gail Evans noted that Allyn & Bacon has not paid their $500 Gail Evans noted that she did not get a $60 check, NAPEHE did (budget page)

6.3 Vice President Marilyn Buck (written)

Dr Ted Marchese, Vide President, American Association for Higher Education will be the keynote speaker in Austin A flyer telling of the conference was distributed Marilyn needs to know which committees are meeting so that she can arrange rooms/ times She also needs to know if a person has multiple assignments so that can be scheduled The hotel will provide a shuttle from the airport Marilyn will e-mail a budget so that we can decide on convention fees

A discussion was held about holding board meetings during the conference sessions. Steve Estes asked that meetings be scheduled so that board members could attend sessions Gail Evans noted that presenters were offended that board meetings were scheduled during sessions

Charlie Ash moved that board meetings not be in conflict with program sessions. Seconded by Steve Estes. Motion passed.

Bill Forbus moved that the board meeting begin at 12 (noon) on Wednesday. Steve Estes seconded. Motion defeated.

Joy and Marilyn will work on the schedule so those board meetings do not conflict with sessions.

A motion was made to set convention fees as follows: $150 before December 1; $160 before December 20; $170 on site.

Discussion followed and board members agreed that fees could not be set before the budget was finalized. The budget will be sent and approved via e-mail and then fees will be set.

Motion was withdrawn.

6.4 Vice president elect Charlie Ash (written)

Charlie will meet with the Future Directions Committee concerning details of the 2001 conference at Amelia Island Plantation

7.0 Association Affiliate Reports

7.1 AISEP Ron Fiengold (no report)

7.2 ICCHPERD-SD Doris Corbett (no report)

Marilyn Buck reported for Doris. The World Congress ICHPERD-SD will be held in Cairo, Egypt. There has been a change in hotels. There is a web-site where current information can be checked

7.3 SAWPASH Sandra Gallemore (written)

The fall conference, held in Gatlinburg, TN resulted in a positive cash flow Jody Davenport and Sylvia Stroops were inducted as Honorary Members at the fall conference Total membership for the group is now 111,with 60 of those being professional members The fall, 1999 conference will be in Greenville, SC (October 7-9)

7.4 WSPECW Liz Glover (written)

Membership now stands at 126, with 65 active members Sharon Guthrie, membership chair, has produced brochures which will be on display at the NAPEHE booth at the Boston AAHPERD conference The 1999 fall conference will be held at Asilomar Conference Center, Pacific Grove, CA (November 19-21) It is the group's 75th conference The 2000 fall conference will be held on a cruise in the Pacific Ocean. Gayle Hutchinson and Margaret Elliot are the program co-chairs and Jeanette Williams and Terry Coblentz are the conference co-chairs Janie Thredgold maintains the group's web site at Steve Estes asked that affiliates send reports to him, and he will add links to the NAPEHE web page

7.5 WPES John Massengale (written)

The 1999 Annual WCPES Conference will be held at the University of Nevada, Reno (October 20-22) John Massengale will be the facilitator for the future directions committee think tank New strategies will be explored for including undergraduate students, graduate students, and community college faculty in WCPES conference activities

7.6 CUAC Charlie Ash

The group will meet this summer in Monterey, CA; Barb Passmore is the current president The 2000 meeting will be held in St. Simon's, GA; Richard Miller will be the president

7.7 AAKPE Liaison John Massengale (written)

No new information to add

7.8 AAHPERD no report

7.9 Research Consortium no report

7.10 Physical Activity Consortium Sandy Gallemore

The National Coalition for the Promotion of Physical Activity continues to have its affiliation with AAHPERD, the American Heart Association, and ACSM. Sandy is continuing to maintain information and links with this group on behalf of NAPEHE.

8.0 Appointed Position Reports

8.1 Archivist Dick Swanson

Everything is fine; send him any new information

8.2 Necrology Jody Davenport (written)

Send any updates to Jody at Since the last meeting the following deaths were reported: Paul Alyea, Nena Amundson, Eugene Anderson, Henrietta Avent, Mary Lou Norrie Brown, Jake Darby, Anna Espenschade, Anne Finlayson, Betty Kimball, Thelma Kyser, Kenneth Miller, Lucille Norton, Frances Patridge, Margaret Paulding, Michael Pollock, Henry Vaughn, Ned Warren, and Mary Yost.

Names added at the meeting including the following: Harold Friermood, Vera Skubic, Fran Bliek, Simon McNeeley, Sadie McGee, and Rosetta Koetting.

8.3 Oral History Jody Davenport (written)

Jody is working to set up interviews with Martha Selby and Alison Wrynn

8.4 AAHPERD Booth

A list was circulated at the request of Cathy Buell, seeking people to help out at the NASPE booth in Boston A discussion was held about having a booth at the AAHPERD Convention in Orlando in 2000. Bill Forbus moved to approve a booth in Orlando, Shaunna McGhie seconded. Motion passed.

8.5 Site Selection 2002

Bill Forbus motioned to approve San Antonio as the site for the 2002 NAPEHE Convention, with no hotel specified. Liz Glover seconded. Motion passed

8.6 Parliamentarian Hally Poindexter

Nothing to report

9.0 Committee Reports/Task Forces

9.1 Awards Beverly Mitchell (written)

A call for award nominations will be in the May issue of the Chronicle A nomination form was distributed and Beverly asked that people send nominations to her A question was raised about who the third member of this committee is

9.2 Bylaws Shaunna McGhie (written)

Bylaws and their links have been copied to the following web site: Steve Estes will change the link of the NAPEHE web page for this address Steve Estes noted that to keep consistency, we need to eventually have a commercial web site Shaunna requested board members to look at bylaws and operating codes, sending any suggested changes to her; any substantive changes must be acted upon by NAPEHE members Gail Evans requested board members to get information to Judy Bischoff so that a special mailing would not be necessary

9.3 Elections Leah Fiorentino (written)

In doing a bylaws check for this section, the office of secretary is listed twice; one of these should be deleted The Bylaws State that the ballot is distributed through the Chronicle; to do this, we would nominees by June 15. Actually, nominations don't get printed in the Chronicle, rather they are distributed with membership renewals The three people who are on this committee are all rotating off; new members need to be nominated for this committee

9.4 Foundations John Massengale (written)

John will visit publishing companies who sponsored meals at the 1999 NAPEHE Conference while at the Boston AAHPERD conference; at the same time, he will solicit funds for the 2000 NAPEHE conference John has a meeting set up with WDB/McGraw-Hill A bylaws change to Section III Organization, C was suggested. John feels like the chair should have a 3 year term Gail Evans noted that the Foundation Committee need to devise a procedure for using Foundation funds; she charged the Foundations committee to do this John said that the Foundations Committee would re-evaluate the operating code and also come up with a procedure for spending Foundation funds

9.5 Future Directions Committee William R. Forbus

A recommendation was made for the committee to meet at a central site (relative to committee members) rather than on the site of the conference The Future Directions Committee will consider using Florida /East coast or California/West coast sites in the future, and not try to use a central United States location Bill Forbus moved to amend the operating code to include the Executive Secretary as an ex-officio member of the Future Directions Committee. Karen Depauw seconded. Motion passed. The Executive Secretary's budget will be amended to reflect this addition.

9.6 Membership no report

9.7 Publications

The chair of this committee did not respond, however reports from the various publications were given Chronicle of Physical Education in Higher Education Judith Bischoff (written)

Joy will get committee updates to send to Judy for publications New Associate Editors were named: Mandi Anderson (Issues), Jerry Thomas, Political Window), and Brett Christie (Scholarly Publications) Thanks to Mary Jo McCracken, Shirl Hoffman, and Marilyn Buck for their past contributions Suggestions need to be made for a replacement of Judy Bischoff as editor A replacement for Bob Ruhling (Associate editor for Research) will be needed (he will do one more issue) A suggestion was made to put a special thanks to those publishers who sponsored meals at the 1999 convention; if John gets sponsorship for next year's convention, this could be published under a convention update in the Chronicle Copies of the Chronicle are sent by Judy Bischoff as an enticement for membership in NAPEHE

Quest Karen DePauw (written)

Bill Forbus made a motion to approve adding Steve Silverman to the Quest Editorial Board. Liz Glover seconded. Motion passed A discussion followed about breaking Quest and the Chronicle from the publications committee, letting the editors govern themselves. Since this will affect the bylaws, it was decided that the Publications Committee will meet and bring a proposal to the Board in January. Hally noted that standing committees do not vote, and perhaps it was time to address this policy, as it had become lax over the past few years. Shaunna will spearhead the discussion on changing the bylaws concerning the publications committee. Susan Kovar, Melva Irvin, Bob Ruhling, Steve Estes, and Hally Poindexter will work on this with her. Bill Forbus made a motion and approving John Dunn as associate editor of Quest, who would take over for Karen in 2001. Liz Glover seconded. Motion passed. The contract with Human Kinetics to publish Quest will expire in December. A price increase of $3.52 per regular member (including the Chronicle), $1.00 for just the Chronicle, and $2.00 for students has been proposed by HK In addition, AAKPE will be charged an additional $3.00 for the Academy papers. The new contract allows HK to increase their charges up to 5% for each of the 4-year contract, if necessary to increase prices. Marilyn Buck motioned to continue the contract with HK (Joy and Karen Depauw will try to negotiate less than 5% increases per year). Steve Estes seconded. Motion passed.

Opera Sally Ayer (written)

The job listing has been very popular, averaging 375 hits per week. Changes to the web-site will now go to Dan Knauft in Texas ( A discussion followed about whether to begin charging for the use of this service. The job of maintaining a quality web-site is time consuming and we need to consider paying someone if we want to keep the same quality of the past. Both the Technology and Publication Committees will discuss this and make a proposal at the January meeting.

9.8 Public affairs (Did we skip this one?)

9.9 Social Justice/Cultural Diversity Camille O'Bryant

Camille suggested that NAPEHE sponsor a social event at AAHPERD in the future

9.10 Technology Mel Finkenberg

Marilyn Buck reported that the professional directory is up and on line. Major changes have been made since January We now can add individuals and institutions. This goes through Marilyn first, for security reasons. The NAPEHE booth at Boston has the entire directory. Board members were encouraged to stop by and check for typos or errors and make the appropriate corrections (fill out forms). The Technology Committee and Marilyn need to discuss how to proceed with this in the future. There currently are two directories, one maintained by NAPEHE and one maintained by Human Kinetics. (Note: Steve and Marilyn met after the meeting and decided to eliminate the HK director) Currently there is no cost for using these directories to NAPEHE. Updates do need to be made.

9.11 Doctoral Student Task Force Report Leah Fiorentino (written)

A flyer discussing the NAPEHE Doctoral Student Award was distributed. Note, change National Association "of" to" "for" on the first line of the flyer. The committee has developed information materials about the special sessions which will be distributed at CUAC, summer 1999, and posted on the NAPEHE home page.

9.12 Bachelors/Masters Degree Task Force Report

Steve Estes reported that the Bachelor's Committee Task Force is currently looking at undergraduate and masters degree programs. The committee will survey institutions and determine which ones have a bachelors or masters degree

9.13 NAPEHE Young Scholar Award Task Force Report

Leah has updated the flyer; it was approved at the last NAPEHE Board meeting 30 memberships have been approved for first time members attending the NAPEHE conference for the first time. Shaunna McGhie motioned to bring the motion to increase this to 50 off the table. Bill Forbus seconded. Motion passed. Discussion followed with Gail Evans indicating that this would be a bookkeeping nightmare. Motion to increase the number of free memberships to 50 was defeated. Bill Forbus motioned that all new members (graduate students and professionals) who register by December 1, 1999 who have never attended a NAPEHE conference be given a one year free membership. Shaunna McGhie seconded. Motion passed. Marilyn Buck motioned to approve the Young Scholar award. Camille O'Bryant seconded. Motion passed.

Steve Estes motioned that we receive all reports. Bill Forbus seconded. Motion passed.

10.0 Old Business


11.0 New Business

Gail Evans reported that we may need to purchase a new computer for the executive secretary Gail Evans proposed the following dues increase for January, 2000: $70, U.S. faculty; $80, international faculty; $30 graduate students; $15 Emeritus II (receive The Chronicle but not Quest); $45 Emeritus III (receive both The Chronicle and Quest); $20, Academy members Bob Ruhling motioned to approve the proposed dues increases. Shaunna McGhie seconded. Motion passed. Any bylaws changes need to go to Shaunna by June 15, 1999 so that they can be in the September Chronicle. All reports for the January meeting need to go to Joy. She will forward them to Steve to be posted on the web. Gail will try to do her report this way , but it is difficult Jody Davenport noted a date change from January 22, 1999 to April 22, 1999 on the Oral History written report

12.0 Adjournment

* Steve Estes moved to adjourn. Bill Forbus seconded. Motion passed.