NAKPEHE Board of Directors
January 4, 2006
2 PM ­ 9 PM
The Westin Horton Plaza

I. Call to Order by President Overdorf

II. Approval of Minutes from AAHPERD Meeting

III. Approval of the Agenda

IV. President's Comments Overdorf

V. Parliamentarian's Comments Buck

VI. Conference Update from Vice President O'Bryant

VII. Report from Executive Secretary/Treasurer Lund

VIII. Questions Regarding Reports Overdorf

IX. Report on Membership Survey Napper-Owens

X. Online Membership and Conference Registration Schmidt

XI. Variable pricing options for Conference O'Bryant

X. Proposal for Past Presidents' Advisory Committee- Sparks

XI. FDC Operating Code Oates

XII. Expanded Mission Statement Kovar

XIII. Sarasota Hyatt Regency in 2009 Overdorf

XIV. Committee Appointments, 2006-07 Finkenberg

XV. Changes to Awards Operating Code Mitchell

XVI. Report of Ad Hoc Committee Overdorf, et al

XVII. Old Business

A. Outstanding Teacher Award Mitchell

B. Internet Project Buck/Fiorentino

New Business


9 PM - Board Reception in President's Suite